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Ryan Ballow
Entrepreneur, blogger, drummer, runner
Entrepreneur, blogger, drummer, runner
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This is the RmcTech + page - We'll mainly be posting mobile technology and general tech news/posts/awesome stuff. 

Nope! +Salvador Vilardo Uploading video from lap web cam doesn't work here! Same sync crap problem! Facebook all the way for those videos.

Huh? Can't hear you! So much noise!! ;) Hope everyone's alright.

Crazy storm in Lehigh Valley tonight. Anyone drive in this crap? Couldn't see S***!

Do something cool this weekend? What?

Gonna go for a couple mile jog, slow and smooth. Drinking water now to prepare for the RIDICULOUS HEAT. But then again, it's 130 in Iraq sometimes. Anyone else exercising today? What are you gonna do?

So, tech and SM bloggers, any new cool posts? Link me up?

Long day, fighting technology. Yay. BUT.. I'm still psyched.
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