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Gaming like it's 1989!!
Gaming like it's 1989!!

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Get ready for possibly the greatest horror game period.
Here's the Cthulhu Dark Kickstarter video! The Kickstarter launches a week today, on Monday 29 May.

Do watch it, even if you don't usually watch Kickstarter videos. It's directed by Banana Chan and I promise you it's worth your time. And, as always, I'm grateful if you share it.

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Legion pack arrived in UK packed out with extra loot 😀 happy S&W appreciation day indeed


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Boom!!!! A thing of beauty... cheers +Daniel Sell


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The first legion pack to arrive in the UK I'll wager 😀


Tonight we played a fantastic game of the soon to be released campaign setting The Driftwood Verses... many thanks to its creator +Clint Krause​ for giving up his afternoon to run this for us in the UK. We got to test out all four of the new classes... many thanks to my fellow players peg leg +Greg Farrell​... the self destructing +Rachael Tew​ and the quad armed bug +Jürgen Mayer​ ....
This game was everything I hoped it would be.... Clint runs a really tight immersive game... great game great players

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Damn you OSR kickstarters I really don't need!!!!
-200 HKD

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Got to love OSR kickstarter rewards landing from the USA...
Postage was twice the cost of the book but it's a seriously useful tool

+Graham W​ isn't it Cthulhu Dark kickstarter month 😊

A UK call out for GM's and companies from a friend of mine...

Hi Mick

Can you help me find gms, and companies or people who would like to demo games to the public for flash festival

I have a fairly large marquee on the festival grounds, camping for our team and grub, and people who want to play games but just one GM for dnd so far
I have my own games I'm happy to use but they are limited and I'd love to have more games if people want to bring their own to demo

It's open invite to people who want to share a game and have a great weekend by the sea.

It's July 15-16 in broadstairs
Camping from 14th

The festival is aiming to promote literacy and interest in reading cosplay and hobby gaming.

We are raising money fro Broadstairs Shed which is a local skill share programme aimed at alleviating loneliness in the elder community while giving younger people a chance to learn diy/life skills from budgeting to wiring plugs and all sorts in between.
Second charity is TAG our local non kill animal shelter.

+Tore Nielsen​ needs a couple of players for Saturday night Call of Cthulhu.... he runs a badass game so if your at a lose end give it a run out 
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