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Mick Reddick
Gaming like it's 1989!!
Gaming like it's 1989!!


Need a decent looking werewolf mini for my broken legions barbarian faction... UK based company would be best
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Having seen the price of a first printing of Thulian Echoes mine is now for sale at £120 😁

Thulian Echoes first printing $150 😁

What's the going price for carcosa 1st expanded (the old cover one 2011)

A Fabled City of Brass... almost £30 for a paperback of less than 100 pages!!! Worth it though?
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Maze of the Blue Medusa $250

Ok so you have been a good boy/girl this year... what gaming product would you like Santa to bring you?

For me it would be the Chthonic Codex by +Paolo Greco​.
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Lion and Dragon.... New OSR game with a Pendragon feel about it... I know the author isn't everyone's cup of tea... but this interests me.... thoughts?
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+David Black​ I am at my whits end... in my TBH we are in a forest I need stats for a weasel and a badger but can't find them in your crappy rulebook.. . Stat them now else be declared weak....
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Upon looking at going prices im selling

Maze of the Blue Medusa £250 😀
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