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David Lintern
Self powered travel, landscape and environment in the UK and beyond
Self powered travel, landscape and environment in the UK and beyond

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You don't always need to travel far to discover a wild place. Check out our latest piece from +David Lintern - a beautiful celebration of Aberlady Bay in words and pictures.

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First of the monthly scribbles for Walk Highlands, a piece about winter camping

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I wrote a thing about a journey into the King of Glens

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out with the old, in with the new

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Year of the Snake
I swore blind to a friend I wasn't going to do this, but as I glance furtively at the year ahead with a real mix of anxiety and anticipation, it seems right to cast an eye back over 2013.  Hopefully this isn't too indulgent, and makes for some good eye and ...

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We set out in winter, and ended in spring.  From Invercauld bridge to Kincardine O Neil, three days on the Dee. Three days of fires, purple birch and old green oak, old growth forest and snow covered hills, then fishing huts, farms and fences.  Some standin...

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David Lintern commented on a post on Blogger.
From Bob Andrews, by email:  i am also having problems commenting direct to your blog.

Having done lots of white water paddling and swimming !)I did feel myself
thinking what on earth was this usually sensible guy doing!

However later on I see you are off to the Dee for some practice. Although
expensive a qualified WWcoach will be a good investment and I am sure they
would have to think about a packraft unlike kayaks/canoes but it would put
you in a good position. I used to enjoy those training sessions.


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A call for your views on Wild Land
There is no one left: none but all of us - Sam McClure Until the 20th December, the organisation that looks after Natural Heritage in Scotland is asking for our views on protecting places of wild character. These are the remote and untamed places many of us...

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