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I can make it good, I can make it hood, I can make you come, I can make you go! I can make it high, I can make it fly, make you touch the sky, hey maybe so!
I can make it good, I can make it hood, I can make you come, I can make you go! I can make it high, I can make it fly, make you touch the sky, hey maybe so!


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red museum.
a video. from frankie rose.

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it's a vibe.
frankie rose. cage tropical.

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"Journalists have stopped seizing on brief moments of not-craziness to declare Trump “presidential”; business leaders have stopped trying to curry favor by lending Trump an air of respectability; even military leaders have gone as far as they can to dissociate themselves from administration pronouncements.

Put it this way: “Not my president” used to sound like an extreme slogan. Now it has more or less become the operating principle for key parts of the U.S. system.

Despite this, it may seem on the surface as if the republic is continuing to function normally. We’re still adding jobs; stocks are up; public services continue to be delivered.

But remember, this administration has yet to confront a crisis not of its own making. Furthermore, a series of scary deadlines are looming. Never mind tax reform. Congress has to act within the next few weeks to enact a budget, or the government will shut down; to raise the debt ceiling, or the U.S. will go into default; to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or millions of children will lose coverage.

So who’s going to ensure that these critical deadlines are met? Not Trump, who’s too busy praising white supremacists and promoting his businesses. Maybe Republican leaders in Congress will still be able to wrangle their extremist members, who see crippling the government as a good thing, into the necessary deals.

...But a third of the country still approves of that rogue president — and that third amounts to a huge majority of the G.O.P. base. So all we get from the vast majority of elected Republicans are off-the-record expressions of “dismay” or denunciations of bigotry that somehow fail to name the bigot in chief.

It’s not just that Republicans fear primary challenges from candidates pandering to the racist right, although they do; Trump is already supporting challengers to Republicans he considers insufficiently loyal.

The fact is that white supremacists have long been a key if unacknowledged part of the G.O.P. coalition, and Republicans need those votes to win general elections. Given the profiles in cowardice they’ve presented so far, it’s hard to imagine anything — up to and including evidence of collusion with a foreign power — that would make them risk losing those voters’ support..."

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"Kenneth G. Langone, billionaire co-founder of Home Depot and a prominent Republican fund-raiser, has been a vocal supporter of Mr. Trump’s economic agenda.

“I had high hopes — the president has blown a great opportunity,” Mr. Langone said in an interview on Thursday. “He completely mishandled the situation in Charlottesville. There was no gray area here — these people were repulsive.”

Mr. Langone said that the president’s provocative comments on the protests were a “self-inflicted wound” that would hurt his ability to address pressing national needs like infrastructure.

Still, despite their building frustrations and disappointments, some Trump supporters may feel that they should stick by him, betting on his proven ability as a survivor.

“Do I have a choice? No,” Mr. Langone said. “I still believe he can get a lot done and he has an uncanny knack of surviving — I mean who would have thought he was going to win in the first place?”"

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"...While Benchmark had long supported Uber’s management, the investor had recently turned against the company’s top echelons. In June, Benchmark helped oust Uber’s co-founder, Travis Kalanick, as chief executive. Last week, the firm escalated its actions against Mr. Kalanick by suing him for fraud and saying he should be removed from Uber’s board. Then on Monday, Benchmark published an open letter to Uber employees intimating that the company had dark secrets that had not been revealed..."

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"...All eight arrested protesters face felony charges of participation in a riot and inciting others to riot, as well as misdemeanor charges of property damage and defacing a public monument, a spokeswoman for the Durham County Sheriff’s Department, Tamara Gibbs, said. More arrests are possible.

The protest on Monday was held to oppose white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Va., last week. On Monday, demonstrators pulled a statue of a secessionist soldier off its base in front of the old county courthouse in Durham.

The hollow metal statue had stood there since 1924 — 59 years after the largest contingent of Confederate troops in the Civil War surrendered just outside Durham — when the United Daughters of the Confederacy bought it from a Georgia manufacturer. It crumpled immediately on impact with the ground.

The statue is being stored in a county warehouse, The Herald-Sun newspaper reported.

When videos of the statue being toppled gained national attention, the Durham County sheriff, Michael D. Andrews, was criticized for not having intervened.

The sheriff’s office was peppered with emails, phone calls and social media messages demanding arrests.

In a video interview on Tuesday with The Charlotte Observer, leaders of a local Ku Klux Klan group criticized Durham law enforcement for not acting. “We’re going to go down there,” said Justin Moore, a grand dragon for the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

...The sheriff’s office and the Durham Police Department have been facing regular protests in this largely liberal city, which has an influential black community and a black mayor, over their treatment of prisoners and the deaths of black and Latino people in their custody.

Also on Thursday, officials at Duke University, in Durham, announced that someone had broken the nose off a statue of Robert E. Lee, one of 10 figures carved at the entrance of the campus’s landmark Methodist chapel."

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"Sabaté is an adherent of a controversial force on the left known as antifa. The term, a contraction of the word “anti-fascist,” describes the loose affiliation of radical activists who have surfaced in recent months at events around the country and have openly scuffled with white supremacists, right-wing extremists and, in some cases, ordinary supporters of President Trump. Energized in part by Mr. Trump’s election, they have sparred with their conservative opponents at political rallies and college campus speaking engagements, arguing that one crucial way to combat the far right is to confront its supporters on the streets.

Unlike most of the counterdemonstrators in Charlottesville and elsewhere, members of antifa have shown no qualms about using their fists, sticks or canisters of pepper spray to meet an array of right-wing antagonists whom they call a fascist threat to American democracy. As explained this week by a dozen adherents of the movement, the ascendant new right in the country requires a physical response.

“People are starting to understand that neo-Nazis don’t care if you’re quiet, you’re peaceful,” said Emily Rose Nauert, a 20-year-old antifa member who became a symbol of the movement in April when a white nationalist leader punched her in the face during a melee near the University of California, Berkeley.

“You need violence in order to protect nonviolence,” Ms. Nauert added. “That’s what’s very obviously necessary right now. It’s full-on war, basically.”

Others on the left disagree, saying antifa’s methods harm the fight against right-wing extremism and have allowed Mr. Trump to argue that the two sides are equivalent. These critics point to the power of peaceful disobedience during the civil rights era, when mass marches and lunch-counter protests in the South slowly eroded the legal enshrinement of discrimination."
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