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Scott Kurtz hung out with 22 people.Canek Peláez, James Kertchaval, Kyle Ferrin, William Andy Smith, Andrew Stahl, Juan Ochoa, Mary Cagle, Andrew Stewart, Console Carlos, Sean Lewis, Drew Sutherland, Joel Esler, Drew Coombs, Cayen S, Jennifer Argyle, John Wigger, Ty Halley, Paul Westover, Mike Winters, Justin Sloboda, William Doran, and Taylor Hall
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Scott Kurtz was in a video call with 22 others
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Damnit, left my laptop with the webcam at home today, but a big fan of that stuff you do, and would have been good to say so "in person". But HELLO anyway!
Midnight, just got home from a 14 hour work day... and I'm standing in the hangout lobby checking my hair...
I physically can't join, but i want to thank you for your amazing comic and I hope you do this again!
Damnit, I can't even get in.... :( Can it be streamed in public??
Wish I could stay up and chat, but I gotta be work in the morning. Just want to say I'm a huge fan of your work and we miss you in Dallas!
I tried, but at that moment I was not presentable and I didn't have my headset/ microphone. I swapped and tried to get back in, but it's too busy now. That's fine, and people who could be in with mic/ video are in the spot. :)
Darnit, if it weren't for the need for pants and that my dishwasher starting flooding the moment this Hangout started...
Well, I was going to come in and not immediately drop, but I can't find my webcam after moving! (BTW, brilliant strip on Monday - I cried)
Oh dear. I think the odds of joining this hangout now are all but nil.
it's times like these that i wish i had a webcam :/
It's times like these I wish my internet connection could handle my webcam...
Must clean my apartment before using webcam. :P
An "Andrew Stewart" got in, that's kind of like it being me. 
Man. I miss all the best stuff because I have to sleep so I can go to work in the mornings. Bummer.
+Joshua Jericho Sleep is so overrated...yet I MUST have it! So, I miss out too. stooopid 6:30am start time.
Dang it! I only find out about stuff like this long after the fact. Maybe next time?
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