Something very interesting just happened to me over twitter.

I asked my feed if the new Justice League #1 was available on the iPad day and date. I remember reading that the new 52 would go day and date, but I wasn't sure if they were launching that with the new JL#1 so I asked twitter. This was my exact tweet:

"So wait, can I just buy Justice League #1 on my iPad now? Do I even need to go to a shop?"

Immediately my followers let me know the facts. Yes. I can purchase it via the comixology app. For the exact cost of the print version (no discount). If you want to skip the store today. Fair enough.

And the truth is, I do. I want to skip the store today. I do not want to drive to Lynnwood to purchase a $3.99 comic out of curiosity. I don't collect floppies. I don't polybag. I don't fill longboxes. I'm fine reading this digitally with the idea that I'm kinda only "renting" the comic anyway.

Then, I got a twitter reply from a retailer who said:

"@pvponline with the disdain you seem to have for us brick and mortars, it makes me wonder why I carry PVP books in my shop"

Which I found unsettling and very telling. He followed up to let me know that "the tone of [my] post made it seem as though comic shops don't provide any value-add or service."

Did I say that? I did ask if I could skip the shop and I guess that's enough for this guy to assume I was inferring that we could ALL skip the shop ALL THE TIME because there are no value ads to making the trek.

For me, today, there isn't. Honestly. I only want to buy JL #1 out of curiosity. I'm stuck paying 4 bucks no matter what, and I'm not interested in polybagging this thing and shoving it into a longbox afterwards. I would prefer to save the gas tonight as well. Guess that makes me a monster.

You know, I sold PvP in comic book shops for seven years and I love all the retailers I met. But it makes no sense for me as an independent creator to sell my books to readers through a publisher/distributor/retailer chain when I can just sell directly to them. Diamond is a huge pain in the ass and they take 60% of my cover price. Because my business model skewed to the online side of things, and I decided to do what's best for my business and my livelihood, now I'm an enemy of brick and mortar stores.

Should I continue to lose money on every sale just to try to keep things the way they are? Even though everybody doing the same thing at once would change nothing?

And I want all you cartoonists out there to realize something. Lines are being drawn here. And there seem to be a lot of retailers who feel that if you're not on board trying to help them make it 1996 again then you are against them. And they will start painting you as such very quickly.

I don't want books to die. I prefer to read comics on paper. But it's not my fault that it's easier to buy the IDW Thor Harcover from IDW directly than it is to find a comic book shop. I'm not the enemy for picking up FF Essential trades on Amazon anymore than Marvel is for selling them through Amazon. But that's what it's coming down to.

It's getting scary out there. It's getting to a point that making choices as a consumer can start costing you relationships both personal and professional.

I wonder how much worse it's going to get before it gets better?
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