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Has anyone noticed that 4.2.0-34-generic broke all card readers? I am seeing similar issues with a thinkpad sd card reader and desktop reader. Anyone else?

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Found myself a porthole. I'm thinking I'm going to make it into a monitor for my kids to watch lobstercam, or The l
Life Aquatic. Roll a raspberry pi. Does anyone have a source for a monitor as close to 15" square as possible...

So many ideas!

What would you put in your porthole?
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Sorry for the noob question. I have been a long time Linux user and was ridding my life of OSx and put 15.10 on a Core2 Duo Macbook without issue using USB install.

Had a 4,1 Macbook pro and now I am running into all sorts of issues. I have boiled it down to something with the integrated graphics card but don't have a good solution.
Machine has a brand new 128GB SSD which says is compatible with that MBP.
Ubuntu would get hung up and I figured I would try mint to see if it defaulted to a non graphical interface but it gets stuck at "fb: switching to nouveaufb from EFI VGA"

Again there is no OS on the system. I have tried booting with the kernel line "quiet splash nomodeset --" without luck.

Thanks so much for the help!!

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+Efstratios Gavas​ you better watch out!
Where will the incident with the sudo command be reported to? Here via ‪#‎unix‬ ‪#‎humour‬ ‪#‎linux‬ ‪#‎Christmas‬

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LED Chandeliers That Respond To Sound #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

LED Roundsystem from digital funfair on Vimeo.

LED Roundsystem chandeliers by Gavin Morris, respond to sound with each color representing a different note. via digitalfunfair

The globes themselves are made from styrofoam cups and bowls stuck to- gether with a combination of solvent free adhesives. I read somewhere that you can produce cyanide by melting the foam with the wrong glue, so I guess you have to be a bit careful! There is a history of using styrofoam and even cups to create ‘artworks’ – thanks internet for reminding me how hard it is to do anything original! – there is a page of works here . I made a hole in each cup using a hollow punch, glued them to- gether and then pushed through a Ws2812 pixel through each one, around 80 pixels in each globe (there are a few slightly different shapes)

Each globe has a Raspberry Pi in it with a wi dongle and a usb soundcard. I am running the Satellite CCRMA image – the image is raspbian based with some op- timisations for use of audio as well as including Pure Data and Nodejs, both of which I used for this project. I’ve got mixed feelings about using the Pi for this kind of thing – its amazing that it works but it was a slightly painful development process

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I am selling my beloved C-500. Maybe you can get Linux running on it. Have not been able to... :(

Hey guys, I rarely ask questions and usually muddle through things but I am under a horrible time crunch to help someone out with a pretty cool project they are working on. Basically, I am going to be controlling high powered RGB underwater LEDs for a display (using WS2812). The lights are made and I have set up a Raspberry Pi as a web server communicating with an Arduino over serial (that part is all done). I found a pretty sweet jQuery color picker and want to integrate that into the mix and I am getting hung up between the HTML, jQuery, some Java script and the PHP putting it all together. If someone wants to help put it all together in the next few days I can almost assure some awesome swag. Thanks so much guys!
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