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Quinn Conklin
Writer, gamer, and Apollonian hedonist
Writer, gamer, and Apollonian hedonist

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One of my best friends and longest running gms is trying to get back to Bulgaria to teach english and needs some help.

Getting a new FATE Core group together in the mission tomorrow afternoon and we are looking for a few more players.

Finally W was able to run A Bigger Problem for Barebones Fantasy at big bad con. It went well save for a lot of critical failures in the fight with the last boss.

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New toys for the sandobx out today, we are going mapless for a while and have an updated layout starting with this issue. Also without the map the price has dropped to 2.99. Enjoy.

Oh and we have added monsters to the lineup.

It is that time again I am looking for map artists for Toys for the Sandbox. 

The cat is to clever for my own good. 

Last night we (myself and +marvin cabrera ) were watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and eating salmon (yes both those facts are important to the story). Sunny (the cat in this story) walked over and after getting his few bites of salmon went to lay down on the wireless keyboard (an action he knows will get a reaction from us) and managed to set the movie to play at twice normal speeds. Then while we were both focused on fixing the movie the cat stole my fish. 

I will chalk this one up to payback for the "how to annoy my cat" comics i used to post. 

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The pink doom will come for us all!
Folks, beware. Lawn flamingos may seem kitschy and adorable, but they can pick a T-Rex clean in under 90 seconds this time of year. Be careful. Use a trusted anti-flamingo spray before venturing outdoors.  
Be safe out there.

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This issue did not turn out how I expected but I like it
Toys for the Sandbox is back. This issue we venture in a valley filled with geysers in the middle of a hostile empire. the dark power behind the Storm Elves can not abide the place so it has become an accidental haven for those looking to tear the empire down.

Anyone have any good tips and tricks for windows 8.1

Some people think I am evil (+Michael Tognetti) so it may come as a suprise that I creep myself out writing villains sometimes. The harvester from the next issue of toys is one of those times. 
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