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Ok, so...  I'm looking to hire 3 positions (labor) and one office manager...  If anyone is in the Louisville area and has any leads or good resources, please don't hesitate to send me a message!  Looking for help now....
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Why do you have to be such a dumb#$@ if you actually got a 4.0+ in college???  Unbelievable!
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Scott Ianson

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Ok, so I don't exactly meditate, but the info contained is helpfully informative!  Disengage fairly often....  You'll be much better off and more productive during your "connected" time!
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Scott Ianson

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The larger one, in the middle, is about 50 lbs.  Of course, the li'l white 8 pounder is the BOSS!!
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Sharing or saving posts for your own use:

Do you have 'Favorite' circles?

I have set my Home pages' top two (empty) circles to be 'Later' and 'Drafts'.

When I find something interesting: A link, a long post or useful info, I save them to an empty circle called 'Later'.  Then I can read the post when I have time, or if I'd like to reshare the post later for my circles or extended circles I can just reshare my own saved post from the stream of the 'Later' circle.  It could also be called 'Bookmarks' or 'Favorites'...

If I want to reshare in Public, I can do it by clicking from under my saved 'Limited' post the text originally shared this post in the original one that I have saved for myself, then getting the 'Public' option in the 'Share' box.

Why drafts circle?

'Drafts' is just that: If I have an idea for a post, I start writing it and then edit, save, re-edit perhaps saving again, finding a nice image or video or link for that post and finally publish it when it's ready. 

Again when you have saved the draft for your empty circle, you cannot share it from the to 'Public'. What I do is:
I open the already edited post again in 'Edit' mode (getting the * _ or any other formatting there might be), copy everything, paste it as a new post, finally adding the link either inside the text if I'm using an image, or then to the linkbox.

If you already have added an image or a photo in your 'Draft':
Open in Edit mode, copy all the text with hashtags and all. save it again. Then click open the photo / image. There is a share button bottom right, now you can share the photo and just paste the text as a new post.

I can delete all the unnecessary posts from those circles later.

Read more:

Here is how to re-arrange your circles to get any two circles as first ones:

Here is even more about sharing in different ways:


Is there anything else you'd like to know about sharing?
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Scott Ianson

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the new activism
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Scott Ianson

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Problem:  College student, 4.0+gpa, can't get any assistance
Question:  Anyone recommend any good sources for guidance?
Long version:   I have a daughter (junior in college) who was in the top few percent in her high school class, is now in the top 15% of her college, is working to pay as much she possibly can, is carrying a heavy class load, has a 4.0+.  We're barely getting by here at home, however, we can't seem to get a single dime of scholarship/grant to even soften the blow.  Oh, and to top it off, she's decided to go into the medical field.  My wife and I don't mind going without stuff, but we'd like to make it possible for her to succeed.
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Wow!  I hope his smart daughter didn't inherit ANY other of his traits! Ha Ha Ha Ha
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Scott Ianson

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Shared by +Laurie Morrison, and it's worth getting some more reads out there!
Feeling the LOVE

Its a common statement these days. You Hear everyone yell it out loud or say it in jest. "I'm feeling the LOVE" to whomever they are picking on, teasing or sending a subtle message to that indeed, they are feeling the opposite. It's a sarcastic statement attempting to make a negative sentiment and express it in the form of a colloquialism. 

Shame really.... 

When so many in the world long for love, need love want love that a common phrase these days is to highlight the lack of love that one is feeling. Or, worse yet, to in jest highlight that someone NEEDS love and isn't getting any. Hardly a topic I personally would joke about.

Love is important, there is never enough of it to go around and someone ALWAYS needs more. Even us old cynical types that profess to be misanthropes at times... yes, we need love as well :-)

Having said that, I thought I would take a moment to highlight what it means to FEEL the LOVE literally. 


Because I just FELT the LOVE and the emotion and uplift that a person can get from it is truly a wonderful thing.

Since I generally come across as a grumpy old propeller head (thats geek to the GenX'ers out there) I thought I would dispel that myth a bit and share something from my warm and fuzzy side 

There are all kids of LOVE and all of them are important. To me though, one of the best kinds of love is the kind that you do for someone unbeknown to them with no expectation of getting anything in return. Selfless love that someone gives to someone else just because they care.

Yes, I can go on and on abut physical love and how it can fall into this category as well, but I wont. Most of us are adults and know where I am going with this. The rest of you.... yeah well, check YouTube for an instructional video or something.


The love I am talking about is sentimental. Its based on thought, emotion and deep caring. Its kind of like getting a present from your grandmother where she makes you something that YOU love and sends it to you because you were on her mind. Selfless love, designed to make someone feel special. Something that will allow them to


Today was one of those days for me and I have to admit, it was one of the nicest things I have ever experienced and a wonderful way to end my day.

Selfless love is special when you give it to someone because it is all about making someone else feel loved and special (ok... really I know its hard but TRY and not go down the sex road here... geeze) 
Selfless love is based on knowing someone, what they like, what they need, want or aspire to have, be or do. Selfless love is a kind of love where you can express the importance of someone by showing them you listen to them, care about their feelings, appreciate them or relate closer to them than others.

To, in the love department this is the kind that resonates the most, has the largest impact and clearly demonstrates how someone feels about you. When you get this kind of love there is no doubting the message and it FEELS WONDERFUL.

Shame we can't bottle that feeling, or make a scratch and sniff out of it so it can be shared (What really... sex again... STOP IT WOW... talk about a one track mind).

Today was my day and .... boy did I FEEL the love.

Most that know me, realize that I have a certain proclivity for ROUND food. Meaning, Pizza, hamburgers etc. But NOTHING is better to me than....

.... COOKIES !!!

And, nothing shows love more to me than cookies.

Why you ask..?

Because baking takes time. Its not especially easy and not everyone is good at it. When you create anything for someone else it is an act of love. Much like drawings children do for their parents, creating, cooking or baking to me is a sign of love. Nothing makes me happier than COOKIES except when they are home made and made for ME !

The package I received today was more than that though.

More you ask..?
Yes... more..... how...?

My package was filled with BECAUSEs (yes I know there isnt a plural for Because, but I had several of them in this package and that along with COOKIES is what made it over the top special... to me).

What are BECAUSEs ...?

They were small gifts that tie back to statements, wants, desires or thoughts I have had over the last several months. Only someone that knows me can send me BECAUSEs . Only someone that loves you can send you BECAUSEs that the second you see them and experience them you cant help but smile. (Insert warm and fuzzy feeling here)

Today I received some WONDERFUL cookies (yes the crumbs are ALL over my keyboard) and 
Because I miss mine
Because I ran out
Because its funny

and COOKIES.... because I apparently whine too much  and need to stop.

All of these things were an expression of love, knowledge and understanding.

What an amazing way to end my day..... I would share if I could. Seriously, I would.

Why would I share these things...?

Well, its simple. I would share BECAUSE we ALL need to feel that kind of love one time or another. Its the kind of love that regardless of what is holding you down, depressing you or making you blue you cant help but feel good when you get it. You must FEEL THE LOVE, and that is truly a good thing.

So... for all of my friends and followers out there, I raise a cookie in your name and hope that sometime soon you can FEEL some sort of love.  I also wish you many BECAUSEs along with it.

Take all of this "For What It's Worth."

FWIW will be issues on an irregular basis. When something strikes me worth writing I will share it, but under these hash tags (ForWhatItsWorth and FWIW). If you wish to be notified of these posts, please send me a note. I have a notify circle that includes my Wednesday posts and FWIW. I will be happy to add you.

Comments, Sharing and Interaction are encourage. After all thats why we are here. So please do chime in, offer a thought or share with your followers.
#forwhatitsworth   #FWIW   #davidbowden  

Sorry for missing Wednesday, I hope this works. This FWIW will also appear in my Writing Archive

My Wednesday Posts/ For What Its Worth:
Each week I write a long post or story. I really appreciate everyone reading them, sharing them and for all of the comments. I recently started a NOTIFY circle. Meaning, if you like these stories and want to be notified by email when they are shared, please send me a personal note or leave a comment and I will gladly add you to the circle. 

The Wednesday Post Archive
If you are looking for the archive of my stories you can find them here:

This link will never change, but each week I will update it and add the newest post to the list.
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Scott Ianson

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Well, provided that the story is true, then I feel like a ginormous ass!
Why so lazy? Is this just an American thing? 

Update I suggest you don't read if you jumped to the same conclusion as the image text and don't want to be made to feel like a judgmental git.
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Scott Ianson

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Just a li'l reminder! YOU KEEP BEING AWESOME!!
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