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Has anyone used the 6-second video app Vine in their classrooms? I'd like my students to use it to demonstrate the brevity and succinctness a claim/thesis statement usually has; though, I'm interested in hearing any way that you've used it.

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+debbie tully's workshop encouraged us to use our imaginations to see the first thanksgiving from a pilgrim's or Native American's perspective. I chickened out.  #lrwp  

Title: #NewWorldProblems  

I like the idea of this poem, but that's about all I like.

Address, Press, Bless, confess, redress, test, compress, reinvest, express, guess. Okay, that's all of the rhyming words I can think of.
What is that? you ask when they say
It's from your mother, you know
the bubbly, boiling bacon fat of her frying pan
from the pencil shavings
onto the floor
out of the Boston crank pencil sharpener
and the teacher's boiled cabbage breath blurts,
you'd better clean that up.
They say it's brown pleather bus seats
towering over little heads
whose August sweat rolls off in beads
and comes to a burning rubber
to let children cross the street.
It's shower residue and soap scum, orange-scented Pine Sol
And berry-scented tablets
But I say it's strange, these memories
I can't smell.


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I wrote this after Tracy Maple's workshop, focusing on conflict in writing. It started as a character vs. character and turned into a character vs. society. I was pleasantly surprised where my writing took me. Please press, bless, address. Tanks! #lrwp  

Greetings from the Little Rock Writing Project Summer Institute!

Today, our first day, I am joining eleven other teachers to read, write, and learn for the next three weeks. I am very thankful and happy to be with so many smart, cool people. #lrwp  

To all you guys: I'll bring watermelon tomorrow morning.
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