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With ITG DIDs, you will be able to:

1. Track Your Marketing Efforts

Track your marketing efforts is crucial. Knowing what strategies are successful, and which are not. By assigning DID numbers to your different marketing efforts/teams/branch, you can see exactly how many calls resulted from those source.

2. Improve Customer Service for a Better Caller Experience

The caller is directed to one individual or a department. That means callers with the DID number often get much better service. Direct line to executives or specialised support services, are appreciated by callers because they are able to easily reach their intended contact quickly and easily.

3. Attract Local Customers

Using local DID numbers for your business, from any locality, whether or not you actually have a presence there is very attractive to customers as they often view your company as a local provider. Callers often select a local phone number over toll-free numbers and long distance calls almost every time.

Get DID numbers for your business to transform your ROI and better customer experiences today.

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5 Benefits of ITGSMS2U:

1. High Open Rates
- 99.9 % text message is open & read on average of within 5 seconds compared to e-mail which is only 20% opened & read in 48 hours

2. Speed & Flexibility
- Immediate action to new events of the day or upcoming launching (Campaigns can be conceived and delivered to target audience almost instantaneously)

- Low setup cost and running cost for campaigns launched and executed for a tiny fraction.

4. Personalisation
- SMS can be personalised based on time & date of delivery, location and customer's demographic.

SMS is the most COST EFFECTIVE with HIGH ROI marketing platform which is an essential marketing tool for any modern SME.

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Get the fastest and easiest marketing platform for your business off the ground !
SMS Blast your BRAND, PRODUCT, SERVICES etc. to potential customers instantly or at your desired date and time !

Why use this method? SMS Blast :
1. DOES NOT get you blocked from Telco officials
2. DOES NOT send your messages to SPAM box
3. DOES NOT have high cost
4. DOES NOT leave out any potential customer because a text is reachable even to those without any access to internet

Contact us for more info or a trial account !

Email to or call 03-8084 2288
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