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Once upon a time there was a girl who needed a healthy recipe for dinner. She looked at all the diet cook books in her pantry and thought “hmmm, I wonder if fad diets affect the farmers.”

So she asked one.
#agconvo #paleo #farming #agriculture #diets

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If MacGyver and Siri Ever Had A Son by @CarrieZylka #Humor
5 min #FreeAudioBook
Clever little boy...

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"Waiting" For Marcus, the sands of time have run out.

#AmWriting #PodernFamily #Fiction #horror

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Check out my latest 3 minute audio short story "Sunsets" by Carrie Zylka Through his eyes she’ll see the world.
#Drama #FreeAudioBook

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Listen to my latest 6 minute short story! "True Colors"
True colors are revealed with dire consequences. #ViolentFantasy #AmWriting

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"The Fate of the Universe" | #ScienceFiction | Sacrifices must be made. #AmWriting #FreeAudioBook

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Know any women who've thought of doing a DIY or solo hunt but didn't?
Show them this post!!
"10 Reasons Women (or men) Should Try a DIY Solo Hunt"
#hunting #WomenWhoHunt #DIYHunt   #SoloHunter  
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