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I sent the last message to you about Paul Weber, my YouTube name is, Godskingdomwithin- just so you know who sent you the message! 

Hello Francis, you left a comment on a song by Paul Wilber, "I want to worship you," on YouTube, in response to my suggesting to listen to the song with headphones. I just wanted to say it was a real pleasure receiving a nice comment from you! I often receive hostile, not so nice, comments on discussions concerning God-Jesus/Yeshua. It's gotten to the point where when I receive an email letting me know that someone left a comment in response to something I posted, I don't even bother to read them. Sometimes people are not so nice. Anyway, thanks again!
By the way, Paul Wilbur, back in the early 90's had a record out there entitled, " Israel's Hope," and if you can manage to locate it on YouTube or anywhere, that record-CD- has a few songs that are very spiritually lifting! Just thought you might want to know! God bless!

Hi Jane, I received an email from Google mentioning that you wished to start a conversation. I actually clicked on the email to reach you, but I wound up in iTunes! Lol Google is possibly trying to sell an app! My email is;
If you would like to connect give me a holler! I'd love to speak with you! Peace. Allan. (Godskingdomwithin)
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