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another person guy on teh interwebs
another person guy on teh interwebs

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All of this social network crap is a waist of time. Give yourself a better voice by using your real one in real life. Why should people have to all sign up to one stupid provider flood the same servers, then give away real information about your life on them. For what? So they can lord their great 'communication services' over you by always having to go by their everchanging terms and policy. When really at the end of the day they can make money off of your information because of clever wording. I will agree that they may be useful for some to keep in touch. However, just because some lousy social network exists that everyone appears to be on & deemed by the rest of the world as usefull doesnt mean that I have to buy some device so i can carry a website around in my pocket. Doesn't seem as important unless you deal in quick transactions as a method of business. Most of the money made from smartphones is like any other digital platform: The cost of the supposedly great service to bring it to you and the price of the games to play on it. I said 'games' because when it boils down to it thats what most people turn social networks into. A 'game' of distraction, lead generation , time consumption and general misinformation. Almost similar to the news, except possibly worse because lack of moderation & rumors. The reason I think that social network users on smartphones are gamers is because of all the used apps likely to be on their phone it will go like this... phone/text/email apps (preloaded of corse), facebook (downloaded or updated occasionally), music app, game,utility, game, somewhat usefull app, etc..
Mostly distraction-ware.

Im just waiting for the augmented reality app that encourages users to play in the street perhaps. Easy way to controll the masses is to pacify their minds & train of thought to actually think what is happening in the news on their phones and social networks is real. Its media conglomerates job to keep you from thinking or being able to react to things in time. Why else would they constantly try to sell you overprived bell & whistle piece of crap mobile spy devices disguised as cell phones? Its because as a consumer , you are a slave to these companies. You are no more important to these companies or your goverment than a fly is on the wall.

Don't fucking forget it!

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