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Arlon Boozer
Retired RV Traveler and Author
Retired RV Traveler and Author

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Arthritis and Knees
Kathi and I spent Sunday at home with me trying to keep
weight off my sore left knee and decided it was time to see a doctor. My
primary care physician called in a prescription for a small dosage prednisone earlier
in the week and that did not seem to help....

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Wi-Fi and Roast Beef
This is my latest info on my cell phone wi-fi saga. I forgot
to turn off the wi-fi hotspot on my phone last Wednesday night and while we
were sleeping we used almost five GB of data. Kathi’s computer was off, so the
data hog must be my computer or my phone....

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Wi-Fi and Catfish
Kathi and I use our cell phone as wi-fi hot spots, since we
travel and most places do not have wi-fi available. On the lake, there are not
any wi-fi sources nearby, except other RV owners that do the same thing we do.
We all have secure systems to prevent o...

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Easter in the Park
We woke up Saturday morning and opened our shades to see the
outside world. Our next-door neighbors had brought enough paraphernalia to move
in for a month, but we knew they would leave on the weekend. There was a lady
sunbathing right outside Kathi’s windo...

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Approaching Easter
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 was overcast and cool at Lake
Georgetown. All our neighbors moved out Sunday afternoon so there were no next
door neighbors. As we drove out for lunch, we saw a lot of empty spaces away
from the lake and mostly filled spaces that h...

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Gully Washer
We are still at the Jim Hogg Park on Lake Georgetown. Last
Saturday evening the space across the park road from us was filled with tent
campers. They arrived in pick-up trucks and SUV’s and pitched four tents. I saw
one of the men wearing shorts, cowboy boo...

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Sunny Saturday
It is another beautiful morning on Lake Georgetown. Many of
the empty spaces around us filled in since Friday morning. Out the window, I
see leaning on the back of the trailer next to us a little green bicycle with
15” wheels. I haven’t seen any people, so ...

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Sunny Day
What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood
right now is at Jim Hogg Park on Lake Georgetown and the sun is shining and it
is mid-afternoon and the temperature just got up to 70 degrees from 50 degrees
in early morning. Our next-door neighbor...

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Tejas Southwestern Grill
Friday was a cool and sunny stay at home day for Kathi and
I. The only time we were out was for lunch at Catfish Parlour. She likes to eat
there on week days, because she likes the self-serve vegetables. On weekends,
you order from the menu. I ate fried cat...

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Shopping, Doctors and Pizza
After the fun family event on Saturday at John and Shanna
Clark’s home, Kathi, AJ and I followed Andrea Clark to her sister Marikje’s
house in Georgetown where she would spend the night before driving back to La
Porte on Sunday morning. AJ came home with us...
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