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Justin Threlkeld
Often inspired, occasionally brilliant. Always passionate.
Often inspired, occasionally brilliant. Always passionate.

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A slick little web app using advanced HTML5 APIs — Also incredibly cool for users of Sublime who want that perfect color scheme.

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Even hipsters like new beginnings.

Illustration by Anita Goldstein:

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I've run across this before, but I think it's time I actually give it a try

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Can anybody help me out on this?

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I'll have to keep this one close by.

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Manipulating SVG Icons with CSS

I keep forgetting that SVG can also be styled - and the results can be pretty darn amazing (check out

Mostly of us use SVG icons for projects these days and then just do simple opacity transforms to for example indicate button states or something similar. But SVG and CSS can do so much more - +PJ Onori has an awesome series of articles out ( on smarter contextual icons and styling SVG.

Highly recommended reading!

#html5   #svg   #webdesign   #css3   #icons   #buttons
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I wrote a post about a method my coworker and I developed to allow intuitive and semantic slider menus on responsive websites. It's essentially opposite of the off canvas technique, but it allows for a cleaner DOM and super sharp CSS3 transitions and styling.

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I mean, I'd love to spend my weekend making coffee with a setup like this.

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This weekend, I'm going to make a list of my inspiration sources and techniques. It'll be a good thought process to work through.
Hello designers! :)
What do you do when you need some inspiration?!

It seems that media is an industry of Information Alchemy: turning pure noise into gold. However, the result often looks like even more noise; worse: lead or vomit.
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