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Tim Walker
Facilitator of learning and all around STUD! :)
Facilitator of learning and all around STUD! :)

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Resilience is no longer a trait taught to students, I am convinced of this.

Google Labs' Ngram is way cool!

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected" Steve Jobs. Used this today in class so weird.

Proud moment last night, the wife was able to identify a Star Wars Quote and name the character who said it. SO PROUD!

CH CH CH CHANGES.....ready for some.

Using Today's Meet today in class and I am loving it!

Today has been tough...felt like Saturday but really a Sunday :(

Now in a love/hate relationship with the gov.

I love the government today, thanks loan forgiveness program for teachers in under funded school. Finally, something worked the way it is designed.

Taking a poll. Since the students I deal with insist on "wearing" their pants well below their posterior, but they have gym shorts on under them, would it be inappropriate for me to just have them remove the pants and wear just the gym shorts?
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