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Ari Vigoda
Lives vicariously through himself
Lives vicariously through himself

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Escaping the City
I have never had a car in the city.  The luxury of having a car always sounded like more of a nuisance.  Call me converted because having a car now especially during the summer has provided some fun executions on the weekend (not to mention much easier Trad...

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A Dangerous Game
What makes people who have everything going for them, risk the possibility of losing it all?  I'm interested in athletes who have millions on the table, only to squander it by unwise choices.  I'm going to eliminate the extreme example which would be Aaron ...

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A Relative Break
Call your grandmother.  Or better yet, go visit her.  There's a special relationship between grandparent and grandchild.  Traditionally, the grandparent is not responsible for raising the grandchild and so they do not have to play the role of disciplinary. ...

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Boston Strong
How can 2 words mean soo much?  1 year ago the city I will always call home was changed forever.  One of it's most cherished days of the year, a literal holiday in Boston, was desecrated.  Boston was dealt a blow that took the lives of three and affected th...

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Why is tonight different from other nights?  Why do we eat unleavened bread?  We all know there are far more than just "the four questions."  Maybe tonight is a good reminder to ask the hard question why?  Perhaps we don't ask why enough because the answer ...

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Inspiration from Below
You can never be quite sure when inspiration will strike.  While we make our way through the streets of the walking dead glued to their cell phones, the world around us gives us signs for those willing to see them.  While some look to the heavens, perhaps a...
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