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Mark Rasmussen
Vegan Chef-Author-Entrepreneur-Artist
Vegan Chef-Author-Entrepreneur-Artist
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What would the world be like if everyone was compelled to be totally honest?

Social Networks are only as good as the people who use them

Post has attachment Isn't it beautiful?! Made in China! A million manhours of work that could have been done by Americans who would then spend their paychecks in our economy - the the powers that be decided it would 'cheaper' to make in China and they wouldn't have to pay union labor. The state actually sent inspectors to live in Shanghai for months to make sure the job was done right. Not only should these political leaders be fired but thrown off the new bridge as well.

Today I am drafting Elizabeth Warren and Pat Buchanan to run for the independent- party- for -president ticket. Odd combination? I think not, check out their positions.
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