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It's always a little embarrassing to walk in to a store wearing only items purchased there. Happens to me all the time at Pier 1.

When will then be now?

I want to do a documentary about the hairdressers employed by Nirvana.

I'm calling it "Comb As You Are."

If I ever become a city planner, I'm going to have a road named Saint State Street.

It'll be abbreviated St. St. St.

Just cleaned the clog out of the sink.

My hands will never again be clean enough.

I used to be pretty.

<slightly controversial post/>

Me: Mom and I are teaching Sunday School today.
E: You're teaching my class, right?
Me: Yeah
E: Ok. I'll pretend I don't know you.

New high water mark for lame: Last night I had a dream about telling people about dreams I'd been having.

Found myself uttering something brand new while playing a video game:

"Well, here's the 3rd time my character has had to imitate a corpse."
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