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Marcel Kuil
Works at a much to put it here,when i think back.
Lives in Earth and not in,but on and this moment
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Marcel Kuil

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Funky 3D display!
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Marcel Kuil

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Dua Gul
+Manju V hahaha...
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Here in the dunes of North-Holland,Netherlands (closed pieces,not for tourism)
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Marcel Kuil

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;-) yw +Manu ela 
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Marcel Kuil

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jajajaaj bonito
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Have him in circles
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Marcel Kuil

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Beatifulll !!!!! Lindo
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Marcel Kuil

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Have him in circles
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think..think...think,give it a name......
I'm able to give people a smile,when they are open for my kind of humour and all the rest,i can also make them angry with it,but in all situations my serious communication skills will overrule the communication problem between the confrontating personalitys and those moments of ununderstanding,the last option i grab is destroying life,instead of building it up,but if there is no other way out on my way through that tunnel,i know i'm able to do such things also,without a vision. i also never forget what i have learned in the past,grab the future for it's goods,stay positive,and am easy to handle without overruling principels in the situation..other words are...easy going. taking things over from others,others from me,i'm open about that,without being selfish about that,but just trying to be an angel for the other one that has a burning out....
  • a much to put it here,when i think back.
    Full-time In the past....most mechanical hydrolics/pneumatics,chip up machine operator on all kind of machines. repairman...pumps safetyvalves and all kind of rotating equipment, testing the valves,calibration of manometers welding (industrial services,and goverment services) baked donut holes on some larger scale then the normal kitchens.. painting some other things.........with plants and gardens woodcrafts some technical drafting - us projections on paper have some visions on and with landcarts 100% unfunctional declared by whatever social wellfare database filler(i mean me in it is also filling) paperboy Cleaner psychiatric person as bi-polair lunatic,shizophrenic of the paranoid type for others and myself got ideas distributioncenter worker some volunteering for the city in and for areahouses kindergartens peel plantbulbs and throw them in the ground also blasting cristals and zand on heavy iron equipment for a few days in a office to change some codes for distributionsystem and whatever more, i know a lot,have done a lot....u can call everything work,if u have done it..good. A lot of shit in home like a wife does,when i had one and did that shit for her and the kids.... some kind of buddy for some dying people..........
Basic Information
Other names
Prototype A after a borndeath before me older brother or sister,with an serialnumber also
Just a fucker on the globe,with all his good intentions,but knowing he must show 99%of the time his middlefinger,in the time/vacuum where he life now!loves to tell u things....
Ey i'm Marcel,40 years of age,feel 20 years younger,give me facts about whatever,and i always try to turn it into the right direction.......

Bragging rights
Because at least,i try to give a lot of things a chance,thinking about it,here,with...Played the 1st pc games on a pc 286,32mb harddisk ,6 or 6 mb mb ram,voodoo videocard 4 mb gpu memory,12 inch electroncanon and BSOD's all the time...and working nightshift to understand all those errors.......and b4 that it was pong and all those other old games on Atari and Commodore64 with taperecorder
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Earth and not in,but on and this moment
Globe..Called Earth - Inside my mom..and before that some-where else - Antarctica - The location where i most of the time am is geotagged on the pictures i take....
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mwah het zal wel,de wereld gaat toch wel aan je voorbij.....
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Wel een goed cafe hoor, I would say go in and go out,check for urself,that's normally the best way to inhale the atmosphere The name speaks for itself!
Atmosphere: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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