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Welcome everyone, this group was created as a bit of a place holder for the moment. It's a project we're working on that has been Side-burnered© haha I just copyrighted that phrase...

Basically the project is alive, and not 100% back-burnered, just progressing slowly because it hinges on another project in front of it. Feel free to share your content, thoughts, & messages. The only thing we ask is that you aren't overly promotional.

The intent of this page is to be supportive and identify local business heros in our community who deserve to be recognized for the contribution they make to our great State.

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No reason to apologize. I'd say your reasoning is exactly how we see the issue. Although I've only ever seen Ezra Taft Benson ever talk about agency and Liberty as interchangeable, I'd say that's how most of the members understand it, including myself. We'll said. 
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