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Netherlands Shocks With Nearly 16,000 Plug-In Electric Car Sales In December!

Netherlands set an amazing record of new plug-in car sales in December 2015 at 15,908 according to EV Sales Blog (official and partially estimated data). Sales increased over 9 times year-over-year.

The U.S. record stands at ≈13,699 (set in December of 2015) . But the Netherlands is a relatively tiny country.

Compared to 69,156 new car registrations (record) that’s a 23% share for plug-in cars in December. For the year, over 43,000 plug-ins out of 449,347 registrations stands at 9.6% average.

The surge of sales in late 2015 isn’t a natural phenomenon, but related to some tax rebate cuts beginning January 1, 2016,

All-electric cars remain at 4% tax (so no rush in sales here), but plug-in hybrids move from 7% to 15% (non-plug-in stand at 21-25%) – note the surge (pictured left) in extended range sales in December.

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Very stable Lollipop ROM for your Galaxy S4

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Cute :)
Gaming is for the animals xD
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Funny. There's not even a very good game here ... :)

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Good one :)
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