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The Poison Belt – Book Review
Author –   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle A review of  The Poison Belt I liked it, only because love is such a strong word.   As far as sequels go this doesn’t fall
off the map but rather holds its own.   Of course leaping from the map would be an option in avoidin...

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If You Can't Take the Heat..
Summer of 2000, I had turned eighteen and was going to get a
job – my first.   With high school a
couple months behind me and no college in sight I truly felt free.   The summer treated me well the highlight
being a road trip to Alabama with my friend Spank...

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Would be great to get back to reviewing these - if I hadn't left the DVD's stateside..

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The Study of Scarlett (Chapter 4)
My Subject & I - Early Moments On this day we walked back to the Jockey Club Clinic for
Scarlett’s hearing test.   She
passed with completely normal scores.   She fussed momentarily before the nurse put the fitting device into her
ear then she quieted down....

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Return of Book
Introduction Have you ever experienced the feeling of wanting to do something
again that you once did?  Activities such
as sewing, painting art, writing a daily blog, building models for show or even
reading a book are some of the hobbies that at one time b...

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The Scarlet Pimpernel – Book Review
Author –  Emmuska Orczy A review of  The  Scarlet Pimpernel My entire knowledge pertaining to this most amazing book
consisted of Daffy Duck masquerading as the Scarlet Pumpernickel.   What a sad truth to admit.   I hardly remember the Looney Tunes
version ...

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The Lost World – Book Review
Author – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle A review of The Lost World I’ve now read two books by different authors bearing this
title.   This is the one I like more
which speaks volumes since the other was written by my favorite author Michael
Crichton.   I relish a s...

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The Study of Scarlett (Chapter 3)
Welcome to My World! Interesting developments continue to unfold with our subject
Scarlett.   We’ve chosen to take the
runt to the hospital, don’t freak first and foremost, but there are some
conditions, physically; we would like to have checked out.   So i...
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