So on top of the wonderful snow covering the ground, we woke up yesterday to a broken water pipe downstairs. The leak wasn't to bad when I discovered it and with a combination of turning the water off and strategically placed cups, we made it through the night. (The emergency plumber couldn't make it to our house yesterday)

The plumbers just left, it wasn't one leak, but two! These stupid little j-hook nail things they used in the 70's to hold the pipes had worn the holes. The 40+ years of the pipes contracting and expanding had worn holes in both places the j-hook was touching.

So now I have a nice hole in the ceiling of our downstairs and from what I can tell, about 8 more of those j-hooks to remove. But the leaks are fixed and the damp ceiling will dry. Lucky the leaks were located right next to the main heating duct that runs the length of the house. It should dry things out really quick!
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