Discovered something really interesting/important yesterday. Holding on to Apple's iPad/iPhone is really tough without having them inside a case. I finally got to play with a iPhone 6+ last night and managed to drop it twice in the store. It wasn't the larger size, since I had the same problem with the iPhone 6. I think the problem is the rounded edges, there isn't enough surface area on them.

I discovered I have the same problem with my iPad-mini. My wife's new cat (kitten) decided to start eating my iPad-mini and managed to chew completely through one of the buttons on the Otterbox case protecting it two days ago. I actually had the Otterbox before the iPad arrived, so I have really never used the iPad without the case.

So over the last two days, I've been using the iPad with no case and I discovered I hate it! I can not hold on to the iPad mini, it just slips out of my hands. This is the exact same problem I had with the new iPhones.  I haven't ever really used my iPhone 5 without a case, so I don't know if the straight sides have the same problem. But I'm guessing it isn't as bad.

Well I love the bigger screen and I don't mind the size to much. It will take some getting use to it, but I like it. The big problem, it kept slipping out of my hand. I actually dropped it twice! Again, I never use my current iPhone without a case, so it must just be something 
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