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Oh sure... G+ kills our long-standing [created just a day after it was opened to the field test] KOMU News account just four days after my competition got things going in this space. And their account is still running. Is that fair?

Which Google employee should I alert? Should I care?

Here's the good news: I return home tomorrow so I can continue to play with all the of my fun news delivery ideas on my account along with +Sarah Hill.
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I promise not to Circle them +Jen Reeves as a show of solidarity of the recently departed.
Thanks +Craig Newman. You're the best. Next time I'm in the city we should share our old G+ memories with a good hearty craft beer.
I don't think there is any rhyme or reason with regards to what's going on with profiles. Today they came out and mentioned new looser rules regarding names and such.

I guess these looser rules also include the following:
Over a week ago I alerted them to the profile of sex offender that I accidentally discovered. I sent them google links to the guys rap sheet so they could compare it to his profile/pictures/locations/other proof and heard that "we'll do something" ..... well..almost 2 weeks later it's still up yet people like William Shatner get deactived for an assumption.

Bottom line. Celebrities get kicked off and convicted sex offenders can stay. How's that for a good story?

I'm (almost) over the profiles issue.
I'll be in Chicago in Sept for the 1/2 Marathon/5K. I'll share a memory or
Have fun +Dan Soto! Maybe Marilyn will still be in town. Apparently, a lot of people think she's a looker. ;-)
She's there til next
Perfect! (I clearly didn't pay attention to the news while I was in Chicago! Whoops.)
Interesting. And why is Mashable and The Next Web and AlJazeera still going strong? :/
In our group, we had one station's G+ page last week get killed less than 15 minutes after it launched. Another was killed after 2 days. I'm bummed too.
Are you sure they aren't in the process of moving KOMU to their new branded account feature?
+Brad Siegler - if they are moving it to the branded account, they didn't tell me (and I'm in charge of the account!)
+Jen Reeves - well that doesn't seem logical. Do you have any idea if I will have to re-add KOMU to my circles when it resurfaces on here? Good luck, I hope it all gets taken care of!
+Brad Siegler - I love to say KOMU will reappear, but once again, I'm pretty sure it won't. But I will make sure you and anyone else who is interested in KOMU's content will know the plan once I do! Stick with me and I'll make sure you're informed!
It's not fair, but we're glad you're keeping up with it until they let KOMU come back. :)
Thanks Ben. I'm not going to feel angry or bash Google because I chose to keep the account running! It's my risk and I had the support of the KOMU leadership!
I wouldn't worry about it Jen. They'll kill all those accounts soon enough.
So true. I do find it amusing though!
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