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Jen Reeves

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This is as close to crafty as I can get. We boiled eggs and decorated them with crayons while the eggs were still hot. 
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beautiful colorz!
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The girl is working on her backhanded swing in softball. #bornjustright  I'm totally digging the #autoawesome  
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Already better than I am! MLB can use her talent. Seriously.
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Jen Reeves

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This is a super cool new addition to Gmail. Thanks for the heads up, +Tim Moore!
Quickly Insert & Share Your Best Photos With A New Button In +Gmail 

Google just added another nice little feature to the way we share images through email…or to be more specific – Gmail. Compose a new email and you will see a image icon with “New” hovering above it. This is a new way to quickly access and email your backed up photos from your mobile device. Try it out and you realize it’s a time-saver.

If you have Auto Backup enabled on your smartphone, the new quick access feature saves a few seconds and some bother as it makes all your photos and videos backed up on Google+ (Google Photos) immediately available via the Gmail window.
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Jen Reeves

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The girl and I had a chance to work with Oral-B to try out its new #ProHealthKids  Magic Timer app. #ad  
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Have you voted for +George Takei yet for +The Webby Awards? His show, +TakeisTake is awesome.
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Another cool #autoawesome of softball practice. #bornjustright 
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No fear. Catch and release...
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Amy Purdy is a big inspiration in our household... Her positive thinking and hard work can teach us all a lot.
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Jen Reeves

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Trendy glasses that help your eyes relax? Sounds great, +Tshaka Armstrong!
Tired, Sore Eyes? Enter: Gunnar Optiks Interepts

I work in front of digital screens... a lot! Not only do I work with the web team at +FOX 11 Los Angeles creating and executing digital strategy but I edit video and then when I get home I do work for my non-profit and other endeavors which ultimately means more time in front of screens.

I met the folks from +GUNNAR Optiks at CES this year and they had something new to show me. The Intercepts. I have a big head, these are big frames, it was kismet. But do they work as good as they look?
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Thanks +Jen Reeves!  =)
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Jen Reeves

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Check out my latest tech post on +AARP's blog. #AARPTEK  
There’s a new box in town — for streaming content to your television. It’s called Amazon Fire TV, and it costs $99. For years, Amazon Prime members (those who pay the company for unlimited shipping) have had access to Amazon’s massive database of movies and TV shows from their “smart” TVs or Blu-ray players. Some programming is free, some can be rented or bought. Now it’s a little easier to connect with that content through the company’s new Fire...
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Jen Reeves

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I think the only thing I can add to this article is, Woah.
For the first time ever, Internet ad spending beat broadcast television ad spending in the U.S. last year: 
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Manager of Social Strategy/Training, AARP + Advocate @bornjustright
  • AARP
    Social communications/trainer, 2012 - present
  • Born Just Right
    Mom Advocate, 2002 - present
  • Missouri School of Journalism
    Associate Professor, 2003 - 2012
  • KOMU 8
    Interactive Director, 2003 - 2012
    Producer, 1999 - 2003
    Producer, 1997 - 1999
    Producer, 1997 - 1997
  • Reynolds Journalism Institute
    Faculty Fellow, 2008 - 2009
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East Grand Rapids, MI - Monterey, CA - Salinas, CA - Chapel Hill, NC - Barrington, IL - Longwood, FL - West Chester, NC - Naperville, IL - Solon, OH - Bakersfied, CA - Syracuse, NY
Manager of Social Communications/Training @AARP + Advocate
I am passionate about social media and advocacy. In the journalism world, I am the manager of social communications and social training at AARP. I recently joined the team in October 2012 after managing KOMU-TV8's online properties and teach social networking and community at the Missouri School of Journalism. I was a member of the inaugural class of the Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowship in 2008-09.  I speak on the power of social media in business, journalism, higher ed and non-profit world. I am also passionate about social media and advocacy.

I am a special needs advocate and share my stories and lessons as a parent of a child who was born with a physical difference on Born Just Right. I am married with two kids and a dog. I'm a fan of technology, running, photography and listening to live music with my husband.

If you're interested in hiring me to train your organization on using social tools, or show your organization how the web will change communication internally and externally, just let me know. I also speak to special needs organizations about advocating for your kids and letting parents know we can all work together to get our kids the support they deserve. The connections we make in person and online can go a long way in getting the support you're craving.

Some of my former speaking engagements:
Bragging rights
I help teach social media at a major non-profit and founded a mom advocacy site for parents of special needs kids. I love the interwebz.
  • University of Missouri–Columbia
    Bachelor of Journalism
  • Aquinas College
    Masters of Management
  • Syracuse University
    2 years of study
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