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I finally took the plunge today and decided to give Google+ a closer look. I'm interested in any discussion about how we can turn the tried and true upside down and make learning at work fun. Maybe even hit a business objective or two while we're at it.

I'm a Marketing Strategist for Bottom-Line Performance... learning design firm in Indianapolis. We primarily design custom learning solutions, but we also have a gamification engine called Knowledge Guru that we offer as a product. Fun stuff.

On a personal note, I'm a musician and songwriter. My thoughts about learning in general are shaped by my experiences learning and improving music.

Hope to see this community keep growing. Drop me a line!

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Steve, I've been on G+ for quite some time. I didn't find much use for it at first, and just let it be. Google Wave died on the vine that way, but in recent months I've begun finding more value here.

I'm still wary of the LinkedIn phenomenon: legions of self-promoters relentlessly tossing "questions" into communities. But I remind myself that I can filter that out, which makes things a lot quieter than wishing crazy people would go away.
I'm hopeful that since Google+ is not as saturated, we might enjoy a bit of time without so much promotion going on in the communities. You are right... LinkedIn is completely overrun.
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