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Guest Blogger! Sue Hanlon's DC Women's March tale
In the first of a who-knows-how-many part series, T-Dawg Speaks is honored to have a Guest Blogger!  No, this isn't about doing outdoor shit, nor is it a rant; it's just a well-written account by a good writer who - somewhat out of character - went to DC to...

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Last Dispatch "from" (about) New Zealand
There's been so much good skiing - and socializing - in Utah lately that I've almost forgotten about the summertime adventures of December in New Zealand, but they were worthy. Upon reaching the South Island I went straight to Nelson, where our great friend...

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Ski Tips
I have had the good fortune of skiing a lot lately; it's been....uh.. "good":  Actually, some of the best in recent - and beyond - memory.  As I have been wont to say:  Utah has The Greatest Snow on Earth.....until it doesn't, which is a surprisingly large ...

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Dispatches from New Zealand, Part III
It's been a few weeks now since I've returned to the land of snow and cold, and between skiing a lot and a fun holiday social agenda I haven't taken the time yet to follow up on the most excellent adventures that I had to good fortune to experience in NZ. A...

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The Bear's Ears National Monument
Well, it happened:   President Obama created the Bear’s Ears National Monument
yesterday!   For us bleeding heart lib’ral
extremist   tree huggin, granola-eatin’
wackos we heartily raised our too-expensive locally-brewed craft ales in a
toast to this needed...

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Dispatches from Down Under: Canyoneering and Sea Kayaking
Another few days, another few good adventures in New Zealand..... Next up on Andy (and Tom's) excellent adventure was canyoneering.  The first time I ever experienced "canyoning" was on a trip many moons ago to Chamonix when I did a trip down a steep creek ...

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Dispatches from New Zealand
When I graduated from college I went for a big European bike tour and returned home from Portland pretty broke and needed to work for a while.  At about the time I got home a coupla good friends headed off on a bike tour of New Zealand, but due to the afore...

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"Satadark" - A bigger Cataract Canyon Pack Raft Loop
A year and a half ago I did a great weekend-long pack raft trip in Cataract Canyon with Tom Macfarlane where we started at Elephant Hill (the end of the road in Canyonlands National Park's Needles district), hiked down Red Canyon, floated the river to an un...

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My Election Catharsis
Although I returned last weekend from a trip that was super
excellent and was bursting with photos and a desire to rip out another
enthusiastic blawg post, the events of Tuesday have taken the luster off my
buzz, to use a bad mixed metaphor.   And
though mu...

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A bike tour of the Grand Staircase; we give it another go.
Last year Ash and I decided to do a tour of the Grand Staircase of the Escalante, which I documented here  and then followed up with an article in the Utah Adventure Journal  (talking about the economics of the area).  It was a great trip, but due to a bit ...
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