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Here is a video that shows perfectly Ayrton Senna's throttle technique that I pointed out in Harry Zet's great post earlier.

Listen carefully as Senna stabs the throttle repeatedly just before the apex of most of the corners. It enabled him to carry slightly more speed, balance the car, get it to turn exactly as he wanted it to and to get the best traction out of the corner.

Video of him doing this in a Honda NSX can be found in Harry's post from a little earlier. It's something that surprisingly few people ever spotted or knew about.
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+Calin Sandici Senna drove the same way in every vehicle I saw him in, save for possibly the 1993 McLaren which seemed to be driven differently.

Don't confuse what I am talking about with the heel and toe blipping he does on the downshift. The throttle staccato takes place right before the apex and sometimes lasts right up to the exit of the corner.

The McLaren in this video has no "built-in" traction control system.
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John Knights

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For those who enjoyed the Toyota X-Ray image check this out...
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Amazing to see this and I never knew that the driver sat in that poistion, fascinating!
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