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Bernd Wetzel
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European Headquarter
foodstuff creation; own developed products --
for instant, editorially awarded, by Newspaper,"Der Tagesspiegel":
Best Raspberry Jam in Berlin.

Design, construction - incldg. stone settings - and planting, by the house and property owner,
Bernd Wetzel
all copyrights reserved

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Rhododentron is about to open...
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On the contrary, how shall Citizens develope a sense for self defense against a contingent threat on life and be ready to fight-- terrorists will find other ways, perhaps more brutal, as censure ?!

If it is actually true, that Secret Services are financing and training those organisations, then the intention to locate the heat of it's existence is indeed a Damokles Sword-- without awareness one cannot be alert and for this one it takes every single person in self defense !



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Lesen krempelt unser Gehirn um
Das Lesenlernen verändert selbst evolutionär alte Hirnareale

Tiefgreifende Umstrukturierung: Wenn wir lesen lernen, verändert dies unser Gehirn auf überraschend fundamentale Weise. Denn nicht nur die Sprach- und Sehzentren im Cortex wandeln sich dadurch, auch evolutionär alte Hirnareale wie der Hirnstamm und der Thalamus sind beteiligt. Die komplexe Aufgabe des Lesenlernens hinterlässt damit tiefgreifenden und dauerhafte Spuren in unserem Gehirn, wie Forscher im Fachmagazin "Science Advances" berichten.

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reshared +jane smith​
Bad, Very Bad
"Trump could try to stop the sales of German cars in the U.S. But that would involve shutting down a bunch of factories on American soil that employ American workers and use a lot of U.S.-produced parts. Yes, that would be bad—very bad."

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SCHULZ: for me the new, as prior all the Germanys are existing only, in order to ensure my existence, as being a German;
being a German, as well as Germany was and is the Country and the Land of my Father, my Grandfather and their Fathers and Grandfathers...

You dare to delete most of this actual post-- who ever You Are, you fu**n creeps

Like this You want to be my leader ?!
That's what I thought, while working that out, beginning, 1984, Afrika;
telling the future, 1978, in DDR (German Democrate Republic) ten (10), max. twelf (12) years and the border is gone:

be all in for a contingent surprise, Ladies and Gentlemen !

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Andy Pero was unwillingly subjected to a mind control program off-shoot the Monarch Project-a trauma based mind control program similar to what Cathy O' Brien describes in her autobiography by Mark Philips, "Tranceformation of America".

Andy Pero claims to have been created through a combination of genetic manipulation, trauma based mind control and Silva Mind Control training resulting in superhuman feats and psionic abilities:
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