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Ginger helps prevent cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Alzheimer, immune system weakness, inflammation. Ginger is a powerful agent against several forms of cancer, as hundreds of papers show. Recently, a paper came out showing that 6-shogaol, present in ginger, was found to be effective against spheroid cancer cells at concentrations 10000+ times smaller than those of taxol, a chemotherapy drug. Even at concentrations 10000 times higher than ginger ingredient, taxol was ineffective against those cancer cells. To find this data use Ctrl-F to search for 10000 in the free September 2015 paper at Since some brands of tea have 4002 times more lead than others, it may be best to buy ginger from less polluted countries ►

INHIBIT AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products)

A study found that ginger was the strongest inhibitor of AGEs (advanced glycation end products among 17 plants tested. Ginger reduced AGEs by 93% in the fluorescence test, compared to just 43% for apple, 31% for garlic, 29% for orange and 5% for onion. In the carbonyl test, ginger inhibited 64% of protein carbonyls, while apple only 7%, lemon 13%, orange 14% and onion 24%. In other tests ginger was also much stronger than green tea, black pepper, cinnamon ► free paper at ► ► Br J Nutr. 2009 Jun;101(11):1714-21.

ANTI-OXIDANT POWER to Neutralize Free Radicals and Slow Aging (many centenarians used it daily)

Raw ginger has ORAC antioxidant score of 14840, 38 times higher than wine. Powder ginger has ORAC score of 28811, 73 times higher than white wine (ORAC value 392 at the bottom of the list) ► Orange/red wine has only 2-5 times more antioxidants than white one. The ORAC values published by the US Department of Agriculture show the amount of anti-oxidants (that neutralize free radicals) in food.


Ginger prevents prostate cancer (and lymphoma, hepatoma, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer, and bladder cancer) and (free full paper - Nutr Cancer. 2013;65(2):263-72.)

Ginger prevents ovarian cancer (free paper - Bio Med Central Complement Altern Med. 2007; 7: 44.)

Ginger prevents liver cancer (free paper - Clinics. 2008 Dec; 63(6): 807–813.)

Ginger fights lymphatic cancer (Cancer Lett. 2003 Sep 25;199(2):113-9.)


Ginger prevents the formation of brain plaque that could cause dementia after 50-80
1. ►
2. ► (Rejuvenation Res. 2013 Apr;16(2):124-33.)
3. ► (J Altern Complement Med. 2004 Dec;10(6):1009-13.)
4. ► (Rejuvenation Res. 2015 Oct;18(5):413-21. )

Ginger improves cognitive function in healthy people
(free full paper - Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012; 2012: 383062.)

Ginger attenuates neuroinflammation and cognitive deficits related to dementia (Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014 Jun 20;449(1):8-13. )


Ginger is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative (fights free radicals) ►free full paper ► Int J Prev Med. 2013 Apr; 4(Suppl 1): S36–S42.)

Ginger boosts the immune system and helps with a myriad of health issues (Food Funct. 2013 Jun;4(6):845-55.)

Ginger was the best spice (with turmeric) among about a dozen in a test of several inflammatory markers. Ginger performed much better than other common spices. ► J Am Coll Nutr. 2012 Aug;31(4):288-94. See also


Ginger lowers blood pressure (J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 2005 Jan;45(1):74-80.)

Ginger lowers cholesterol and blood sugar (Br J Nutr. 2006 Oct;96(4):660-6.)


Ginger is anti-diabetic, lowering blood sugar, etc
1. ► (free full paper Iran J Pharm Res. 2015 Winter; 14(1): 131–140.)
2. ► (Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2014 Jun;65(4):515-20)
3. ► (J Complement Integr Med. 2015 Jun;12(2):165-70.)
4. ► (Complement Ther Med. 2014 Feb;22(1):9-16.)

Ginger helps prevent heart issues in diabetes (free full paper, Diabetes Metab J. 2016 Feb; 40(1): 46–53.)

Ginger prevents neuronal damage in case of diabetes (Ann Anat. 2014 May;196(2-3):119-28.)

Ginger delays cataracts in diabetes (free full paper, Molecular Vision 2010; 16: 1525–1537.)

Ginger alleviates nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy ( free full paper thanks to the US National Library of Medicine ► J Am Board Fam Med. 2014 Jan-Feb;27(1):115-22.)

Comparison of the effectiveness of ginger and vitamin B6 for treatment of nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy: a randomized double-blind controlled trial. Ginger was better than vitamin B6 (J Med Assoc Thai. 2007 Jan;90(1):15-20.)

A 68500 women study found that the use of ginger during pregnancy to alleviate morning sickness did not lead to birth defects (Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 2013 Feb;69(2):269-77.) - RESULTS:
Among the 68,522 women in the study, 1,020 (1.5 %) women reported using ginger during pregnancy. The use of ginger during pregnancy was not associated with any increased risk of congenital malformations. No increased risk for stillbirth/perinatal death, preterm birth, low birth weight, or low Apgar score was detected for the women exposed to ginger during pregnancy compared to women who had not been exposed.
Use of ginger during pregnancy does not seem to increase the risk of congenital malformations, stillbirth/perinatal death, preterm birth, low birth weight, or low Apgar score. This finding is clinically important for health care professionals giving advice to pregnant women with Nausea and Vomiting issues.
Other studies showed ginger reduces menstrual pain and can cut blood loss in half ► (see Sources Cited for all 15 studies of the video)


For 100+ reasons I didn't eat meat for 21 years and dairy for 13 years (12% of millennials have already given up meat in America) see Going vegan is like planting 62 trees in your backyard, as far as CO2 emissions reduction.💜😊💜

🎶🎶🎶😊😉🎵🎵 🎼😊😉💚💜☀️🎵🎶🎶🎶💚💜☀️🎼 🎵🎵💚💜☀️🎶🎶🎼😊😉💚💜🎶☀️🎇 🌠🌠🎇🌠😊😉🌠🎇🎇😊😉🌠🌠😊😉☀️ 💛💙💚💜💜😊😉🌈🌈😊😉💜💜💜 

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Free children's books! Wanted to share :)

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I believe that!
Nearly All Diseases can be traced to a Nutritional Deficiency - Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Peace.

Raw Vegan foods hydrate the body really well, water that can carry poisons out of the body, besides providing biophotons, enzymes and many phytonutrients - all destroyed by cooking, freezing and even pressure high temp steaming. :) Freezing is not as bad as cooking, but quote bad.


Colon cancer cured with raw vegan diet

Colon cancer, diabetes, 230 pound loss with raw vegan diet

Reversing diabetes with raw foods

Brain cancer cured with raw foods

Epileptic seizures, extremely low energy, depression healed by 6 months of raw veganism

Type 2 Diabetes gone in 2 weeks after raw veganism

Eczema disappeared via raw veganism and and

Fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, extra weight all gone via raw veganism

Multiple Sclerosis and losing 135 pounds via raw veganism

Prostate Cancer healed by raw veganism

2 min clip about guy curing clinically diagnosed depression with raw foods


For 100+ reasons I didn't eat meat for 20 years and dairy for 12 years (12% of millennials have already given up meat in America) see Going vegan is like planting 62 trees in your backyard, as far as CO2 emissions reduction.

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Avocados have the most fiber of all common fruits and my blood sugar was only 104 after eating 7 small ones with some other stuff, unlike other fruits which make your 1 hour after eating glucose way higher. Mixed with other fruits, avocados lower blood glucose reading compared to those fruits alone. I always do tests of foods to see glucose response. Avocados also got the highest amino acid score of 129, of any veggie, fruit, nut or seed, even soy. Raw Vegans often wonder - what is an easy way to get fiber and protein? There are hundreds of ways, but below is just one example of what one could eat one day of the week or several:

a) 1 medium mature (not young) coconut with thick meat i.e. about 400 grams of white meat = 16 grams of protein with score 87, 36 grams of fiber (about 1400 calories, calories are very relative, depends on the person's metabolism and ability to digest and use energy from fat, level of physical activity, etc)

COCONUTS (lower glucose, fight inflammation, lower bad cholesterol, eliminate candida, fight depression, prevent osteoporosis, improve digestion, lower serum triglycerides)

b) 4 big SUMMER SQUASH (also called Italian squash if dark green, mexican if light green, yellow if yellow, eaten raw, has 8 times more lutein than carrots) (2 lb) = 22 grams of protein with score 89, for just 270 calories, 10 grams of fiber

YELLOW, DARK GREEN or light green summer squash

c) 6 tiny (100 grams each without the seed, more with the seed) avocados = 12 grams of protein with score 129, and 42 grams of fiber (about 960 calories, but calories are very relative, depends on the person's metabolism and ability to digest and use energy from fat, level of physical activity, etc)

AVOCADOS (lower cholesterol, fight cancer (leukemia or blood cancer too), improve collagen synthesis for better skin and hair

d) some ginger and some tomatoes, and/or other small items you like, a little fruit, etc = another 5 grams of complete protein and say 5 grams of fiber

Note, all the above have amino acid score higher than 86 for lentils (a complete protein as explained amino acid by amino acid at - lentils are more complete than rice and lentils or rice and beans, see explanation) or 85 for milk.

If you add a few tomatoes, the 1 coconut, 6 avocados and 4 summer Italian squash up, you get 55 grams of protein, the daily need for the average weight person, and 93 grams of fiber, which is perfect for optimal health (ideally one needs at least 50-60 grams of fiber).

You can also substitute some of the summer squash or all of it for 2 pounds of yellow bell pepper, which is super healthy in of itself and would provide 9 grams of high quality protein and 9 grams of fiber, amino acid score 86, higher than milk.

YELLOW BELL PEPPER (14 times more vitamin C than tomatoes, 10 times more than collard greens, 3.5 times more than oranges, 6 times more than limes, 2 times more than green bell peppers, kiwi and broccoli, 42% more than red bell peppers and kale. Their amino acid score is 86 above 85 for milk, much higher than 65 for green pepper and 66 for red pepper, higher than all fruits (except kiwi 105) and many veggies.)

If you don't like carrots, due to too much sugar, mixing things with avocado or coconut works to prevent glucose spike. Also, red bell peppers provide the beta carotene in carrots without the high sugar. So, at lunch, you can have red bell peppers instead of yellow and some of the same things, maybe a different veggie, a very healthy fruit (if you are not diabetic and your glucose doesn't spike above 140 one hour after eating) - tiny bit of watermelon (has lots of lycopene, 4500 times more than carrots) or some berry with many antioxidants. Red bell peppers have lower vitamin C than yellow ones, and lower protein score, but have 14 times more beta carotene than yellow ones and same amount of fiber.

RED BELL PEPPERS have higher protein quality than bananas and most fruits, 3.6 times more beta carotene than tomatoes, 14 times more beta carotene than yellow peppers and 8 times more beta carotene than green peppers, less vitamin C than yellow peppers but still 10 times more vitamin C than tomatoes, 2.5 times more vitamin C than oranges, 4 times more vitamin C than limes, 60% more vitamin C than green peppers and broccoli, 10 times more vitamin A than sweet green peppers. ► Green peppers seem to me the least nutritious, so I no longer eat them.

You can also add some JALAPENO OR CHILI PEPPERS (amino acid score is 89 for Jalapeno and 93 for red chili and 87 for green chili, higher than sweet bell peppers) some days of the week to get some capsaicin glucose lowering benefits ► Jalapeno and hot peppers prevent obesity, lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, improve digestion, prevent migraine headaches, lower cholesterol, lower blood glucose. Chili peppers are too hot for most people to be eaten raw in large quantities, but Jalapeno is easy to eat raw a lot.

Lots of people have cured all kinds of diseases via a raw vegan diet (COLON CANCER ►, ECZEMA ►, BRAIN CANCER ►, DIABETES ►


For 100+ reasons I didn't eat meat for 20 years and dairy for 12 years (12% of millennials have already given up meat in America) see Going vegan is like planting 62 trees in your backyard, as far as CO2 emissions reduction.

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This is neat
Improper Food Combining leads to Digestive Problems and from there to Health Problems, Disease, Premature Dying and Distorted TELEPATHY :) Al alternative Chart saying the same thing can be found at

Today I started a new habit, since I am trying to be 100% raw vegan now: eating only 1 type of fruit or veggie per meal - for maximum longevity and mental clarity required for precise TELEPATHY:). After i eat fatty avocados i always wait 5 hours before eating again, to let the slow digesting fat get out of the small intestine. What is in the small intestine and colon determines longevity and clarity of thinking to a huge extent. 90% of serotonin is made in the gut, 50% of dopamine. Eating hotch potch all at once = disease. Our average way of eating to satisfy taste buds is not only extremely harmful for our colon and overall health, but arguably also a reflection of our suffering joyless average state of consciousness - where the most important thing is taste, not having experienced something 1 million times greater than any physical sensation, as we do in meditation-prayer-astral exercises of the Telepathy Habits ► :) I mean imagine being awake eyes open and being in that super-nirvana state that doesn't come from food, but the ecstatic joy of mystics and meditators they felt when the Light descended... or met a Lightbeing or had communion, etc. Bread, cereals, rice require alkaline pH, meat requires acidic pH for optimal digestion, hence all burgers are setting people up for DISEASE AND SHORT LIVES, COMPARED TO WHAT THOSE LIVES COULD BE.

To enhance telepathy, it is hypothesized that it helps to bless the food, as explained at

Many MDs support food combining ideas, such as This link has more on the extreme complexity of digestion and matches the ideas of shamans passed thru thousands of years that you cannot just be a glutton and expect ideal digestion. The link above explains more about this concept

"Digestive enzymes
Digestive enzymes are secreted in very specific amounts and at very specific times. Different food types require different digestive secretions. Carbohydrate foods require carbohydrate-splitting enzymes, whereas protein foods require protein splitting enzymes, etc. It is the knowledge of the digestive process that has led many health practitioners to promote efficient food combing, the rules of which are briefly explained below:
1. Carbohydrate foods and acid foods should not be eaten at the same meal. Do not eat bread, rice or potatoes with lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, pineapples, tomatoes or other sour fruits. This is because the enzyme, ptyalin, acts only in an alkaline medium; it is destroyed even by a mild acid! Fruit acids not only prevent carbohydrate digestion, but they also produce fermentation. Oxalic acid, for example, diluted to one part in 10,000 completely arrests the action of ptyalin. And, there is enough acetic acid in one teaspoon of wine vinegar to completely halt salivary digestion. Dr Percy Howe of Harvard Medical School states:
"Many people who cannot eat oranges at a meal derive great benefit from eating those fifteen to thirty minutes before the meal". Herbert Sheldon, author of 'The science and fine art of food and nutrition' reports: " I have put hundreds of patients , who have told me that they could not eat oranges or grapefruit, upon a diet of these fruits and they found that they could take them. Such people are in the habit of taking these foods with a breakfast of cereal, with cream and sugar, egg on toast, stewed prunes and coffee, or some similar meal."
Tomatoes should also never be combined with starchy food as the combination of the various acids in the tomato, which are intensified on cooking, are very much opposed to the alkaline digestion of starches. They may be eaten with leafy vegetables and fat foods.
What all this tends to mean is that people who say they cannot eat oranges or grapefruit as it gives them gas, could be blaming the fruit, when the problem may lie with the escape of starches and the bodies release of pancreatic juice and intestinal enzymes to break them down.
In cases where there is hyperacidity of the stomach there is great difficulty digesting starches. Fermentation and poisoning of the body occurs along with much discomfort. This is because the digestion of carbohydrates (starches and sugars) and of protein is so different, that when they are mixed in the stomach they interfere with the digestion of each other. An acid process (gastric digestion) and an alkaline process (salivary digestion) cannot be carried on at the same time in an ideal way in the stomach. Before long, they cannot proceed at all, as the rising acidity of the stomach soon completely stops carbohydrate digestion. The highest efficiency in digestion demands that we eat in such a way as to offer the least hindrance to the work of digestion.
2. Do not eat a concentrated protein and a concentrated carbohydrate at the same meal. This means do not eat nuts, meat, eggs, cheese, or other protein foods at the same meal with bread, cereals, potatoes, sweet fruits. Cakes, etc. Candy and sugar greatly inhibit the secretion of gastric juice and markedly delay digestion and if consumed in large quantities can depress the stomach activity.
3. Do not eat two concentrated proteins at the same meal. Avoid nuts and meat, or eggs and meat, cheese and nuts, cheese and eggs, meat and milk, or eggs and milk or nuts at milk at the same meal. Milk, if taken at all, is best taken alone. The reason for avoiding eating these combinations is because each protein requires a specific character and strength of digestive juice to be secreted. Eggs require different timing in stomach secretions than do either meat or milk.
4. Do not eat fats with proteins. This means do not use cream, butter, oil, etc with meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, etc. Fat depresses the action of the gastric glands by delaying the development of appetite juices and inhibiting the pouring out of the proper gastric juices for meats, nuts, eggs or other protein. Fats may lower the entire gastric tone more than fifty per cent.
5. Do not eat acid fruits with proteins. This is to say, oranges, tomatoes, lemons, pineapples, etc., should not be eaten with meat, eggs, cheese or nuts. Acid fruits seriously hamper protein digestion and results in putrefaction. Milk and orange juice, while by no means an indigestible combination, is far from a good combination. Orange juice and eggs form an even worse combination.
6. Do not consume starch and sugars together. Jellies, jams, fruit, butter, sugar, honey, syrups, molasses, etc., on bread, cake, or at the same meal with cereals, potatoes, etc., or sugar with cereal, will produce fermentation. The practice of eating starches that have been disguised by sweets is also a bad way to eat carbohydrates. If sugar is taken into the mouth it quickly fills with saliva but no ptyalin is present which we know is essential for starch digestion.
7. Eat but one concentrated starch food at a meal. This rule is more important as a means of overeating than as a means of avoiding a bad combination. While overeating of starches may lead to fermentation, there is no certainty that the combination of two starches will do so.
8. Do not consume melons with any other foods. Watermelon, muskmelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe and other melons should always be eaten alone. This is possibly due to the ease and speed in which melons decompose.
9. Milk is best taken alone or let alone. Milk is the natural food of the young mammalians. Each species producing milk, peculiarly and precisely adapted to the needs of its young. It is the rule that the young take the milk alone, not in combination with other foods. Milk does not digest in the stomach, but in the duodenum, hence in the presence of milk the stomach does not respond with its secretion. The use of acid fruits with milk does not cause any trouble and apparently does not conflict with its digestion.
Fat meats, sour apples, beans, peanuts, peas, cereals, bread and jam, or hot cakes and honey or syrup, are notoriously slow in digestion and are frequent sources of discomfort and putrescent poisoning."


human-plant telepathy

Vegan Billie Dean was able to telepathically perceive and feel the suffering of animals since a kid and has 7 vegan dogs. She predicts we will all be vegan and then breatharian.

Vegan Dexter Del Monte uses telepathy to help locate a missing dog and helps a cat to stop urinating

Precognition related Telepathy (see studies proving precognition is real)

Pre-conception and pre-birth Telepathy

Daughter reads mind of her mom exactly

Telepathic boy who can also read in 7 languages

Padre Pio mind reading cases (very long post)

Spirits use Books, etc and Telekinesis to confirm Telepathy (this post has a listing of other similar 5 related experiences)


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