Ladies and Gents,

Mr. Champ and The Bynars* go to Washington. On Saturday, July 16 at 9pm the band takes the stage at the Velvet Lounge (915 U St NW). Be there for what The Boston Globe calls, “a sparkly, spiky, adrenalized dash through a Rentals-meets-Passion Pit electro-pop dream that buzzes with Weezer-y guitars, old school new wave synth squiggles, and perky songs about weighty topics like asking your mom for money.”

*The Bynars are a race of humanoids native to the planet Bynaus in the Beta Magellan system.
The Bynars are shorter in height than most humanoids and have lilac skin and enlarged skulls. Their most definitive characteristic is that they are interconnected with a master computer on Bynaus and communicate utilizing binary code. (Memory Alpha,

**Also, Operation Host a Bynar is in effect, if you can provide lodging for a member of the band let me know.
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