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This is big news for CRMers
Google Announces Customer Match: Upload Email Lists For Search, Gmail, YouTube Ad Targeting.
Interesting read, with some new possibilities...

#WeDigMarketing   #Adwords   #WeDigAdwords  

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Attention planners: increase your productivity with this handy template!

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Look into this crystal ball and be amazed 

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Love this ad. Reminds me of Police Squad with Leslie Nielson.

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Great fodder for those of you wanting to practice Behavioural Economics in advertising

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LIDA's very own Victoria Fox huffing about the future of retail

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Hats off again to the lynx team at TMW who have put their faith in the wisdom of crowds to predict future events using Twitter data. Brilliant concept, great use of big data and works fab on mobile even though it doesn't get it tight every time!. #massdebates

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If you need another reason not to visit Starbucks, watch this. 
This must be the best ever stunt for the launch of a film

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An old friend and fellow band member from my Uni days has just released his first album after a 7 year labour of love. You can listen for free just for today before it's available on general release. Well done Hugh - a beautiful track. I hope it goes platinum! 
I'Anson - In Chances of Light

Music from the heart and a Scottish island ...

For an actor there are many schools of thought about how you should go about portraying a character. A few simply read the words as though changing their name is enough. Some go further and "pretend" for the duration, use their imagination to build an image they feel appropriate to the part. Others really get under the skin of who they are playing by experiencing, by living as closely as they can, the world their creation inhabits. A technique called Method Acting.

Musicians are a different breed and don't necessarily have to appear in public. They certainly can. They can stand up amongst an orchestra and give their all as part of one much larger sound. They can go all Pop and appear on a television talent show and go for the celebrity. They can slog it out touring pubs and clubs as an indie artist and hope momentum gains them popularity and eventually the chance of promotion by a talent scout.

Hugh Carswell hasn't done any of these. He gave up the normal nine-to-five grind most of us inhabit and went back to his roots, literally. Went back to the island where his grandparents lived and reconnected with their lives. A brave leap of faith and commitment after having spent years building a career in London that was ultimately seen as a diversion along the way. Smoke and mirrors for his soul, clouding a deeper reality and a need that had to be satisfied.

Few musicians take the time to live their music like a method actor would his part, but Hugh Carswell has. His I'Anson project is a family story made real by direct experience in a remote part of the world few of us are lucky enough to visit. Method musician? Life artist? There must be a name for it.

He built his recording studio there, splinters and calluses, blood, sweat and, cliché though it is, tears. But throughout the years it has taken to raise hope out of the ground, Hugh changed and became part of his environment, learned to accept its limitations and love its opportunities.

The I'Anson project is the result of a four-year labour of love and life.

The emotion behind and inside every song is real. The quality of every aspect beyond top-notch. Listen. It will transport you; make you cry; make you smile; make you ... rejoice.
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