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Tony Sidaway
Just this guy, you know?
Just this guy, you know?

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Somehow managing not to be about copyright.


Iain Banks' greatest comic creation.

-Apparently I'm the true Emperor. I was a foundling swapped at birth by a jealous godmother for my long-lost evil twin, Fimmit.
-What? Really?
-No, of course not really. He's here to deliver a summons for a minor traffic violation.
-You're kidding!
-Drat, you guessed. No, the thing is I have this secretion that comes from my anterior glands; every Chelgrian clan has one or two males in each generation who produce this substance. Without it the males of my clan can't pass solids. If they don't lick the appropriate spot at least once per tidal month they start to experience terrible wind. Unfortunately my cousin Kehenahanaha Junior the Third recently suffered a bizarre grooming accident which left him unable to produce the vital secretion, so they need me back there before all the males in my family explode from compressed shit. There is a surgical alternative, of course, but sadly the medical patent rights are held by a clan we haven't acknowledged for three centuries. Dispute over a mistimed bid caused by an involuntary eructation during a bride-bidding auction, apparently. We don't like to discuss it.
-You ... you're not serious?
-I really can't get a thing past you, can I? No, it's really about an unreturned library book.
-You really are just kidding me now, aren't you?
-Yet again you've seen right through me. It's almost as though I needn't be here.

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★★★★ ‘a fascinating look at a mysterious artist’ – +The Telegraph

★★★★ ‘sublimely beautiful’ – +The Times and The Sunday Times

★★★★ ‘a journey through countless mythological worlds, lush unfolding landscapes, ghost stories and scenes of everyday life’ – +Time Out London

Our #Hokusai exhibition opens on Thursday – follow the last 30 years of the great artist’s career and see masterpieces on display in the UK for the first time. Discover his influences and learn more about his enigmatic life. You can book tickets here:

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OpenBSD Errata: May 22nd, 2017 (icmp_opts).

And once more, binary patches are available for i386 and amd64 systems.

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I’m pleased to say that Relayd and Httpd Mastery is now available in print and ebook. Sponsors should be able to log into their accounts and download the updated book. I don’t have a print copy of the book in my hands yet, but they’re on the way. Unless…

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The Restoration of Early Unix Artifacts.

A 2009 paper by Warren Toomey about procedures developed to restore early examples of Unix environments and programs. It's a bit dated already, but worth a read. PDF file, 61kb.
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