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Winter to Spring - Denim*
TO MY AMERICAN FRIENDS ONLY (SORRY)... I was recently contacted by a wonderful woman named Ashby from a company called Dia&Co. After research into this, I discovered that they have hit such an amazing target market in the business world. This target market ...

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MAC Haul
Do you ever go shopping for a particular shop then come back with loads of other stuff that you don't really need and you swore to yourself you wouldn't go in that shop but whoops look where you ended up? Yeah? Well that happened to me the other day. That s...

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How I Relax/Catch-Up Post
Hello my wonderful readers! I apologize for not blogging since October but there has been many things I have had to do between then and now. Firstly, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and secondly, I will start with a brief catch-up post in...

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October Wishlist
There are quite a lot of items building up on my wishlist now and I thought I'd share some of them with you. These items range from make-up to life items that I may need in later life. I can't afford most of these items right now as being a student and livi...

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Nivea - Smooth Nourishing
I think I have found the hand cream of all hand creams when it comes to dry skin. I suffer from really bad dry skin on only my right hand (weird I know) to the point where it bleeds and is extremely sore. However, when my boyfriend brought home this little ...

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Bristol A/W 2015 Fashion Show
HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE! I do realise that it is a bit late but this is my first post of the month so we shall just ignore it right?! This post if you haven't guessed is all about Bristol Fashion Week where I bought tickets for me and my sister to attend. We...

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The Comforter
Quick and short review here today as I've been swamped down with uni already -_- I also apologize with the lack of photos but that is only because my phone camera decided to play up and not want to focus on the blob of shower cream that I had on my hand. Ho...

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Moving Back
(source) Just a quick post here and some of you may well know (If you follow me on twitter) that I have moved back to university for my second year now. In the above picture that is the building where I am mainly based and that is Upper Glyntaff in the Univ...

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Reverse Washing
(source) I'm a little behind the trend here but I've only just discovered reverse washing for your hair. However, after trying this I can now fully recommend this to anyone. Whatever hair type you may have, I urge you to try this at least once. Reverse wash...

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What I Want This A/W
There are many things I want to buy, always. However, having to manage it down to a few things a month due to costs is always a struggle. I've made a polyvore post on some things that I plan on buying this month, and now working in a well-known fashion stor...
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