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I feel like this accurately represents my beard vs. the general public when we go crowded places.. DO NOT TOUCH! (no matter how much you want to) 
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Do people actually touch it?
Now you know how it feels to be 9  months pregnant
Mine isn't nearly as long or thick, but people like to touch mine too. 
I had an old lady come up to me in the store and tug on it asking if it was real... was not impressed. I have had a few people ask and have said no.. it is just as creepy to me as if I walked up to them and said "hey can I touch your hair" ... 
+Tim Shinn on occasion someone asks if they can touch my handlebar. Which is ewwww.  
there are a couple of women I know, that seem to like to stroke my beard, and I'm fine with that, but if you're a complete stranger?   WTF?
+Joshua Tabor I agree.. when my wife touches it.... the situation changes completely just like when I touch her hair etc.. but if random freak on the street with hands that have been who knows where wants to touch my stache or beard that is just wrong.
I get the same thing with my bewbs. :-p
I have no intention of touching other people's beards. Buttocks... now that's something else.
Speaking of - how did the cornrow experiment turn out? Did you finish all the way across, or cancel and undo it?
What the hell +John Ryce, why don't you want to touch my beard???    It is soft, and magnificent!
+Keith Stansell it hurt and itched, it was a practice run. We will do a full one next time but we are going to go from the bottom up to give that tentacle look.
My wife has a rule regarding other women touching my beard without permission,  usually ends in decapitation....
People are always asking to braid mine. Most of them are cute women though so I'm less likely to refuse :)
A guy I work with has a lot of tatts and people touch him all the time too. An old woman touch the back of his neck in the grocery store the other day. He said his first reaction was to jump out of his skin, then he said he wanted to punch her.
I can't wait until I'm old enough that social rules no longer apply to me, it's going to be a blast.
I will poo everywhere... I will knock things over and tell people their kids are ugly.. +Justin Pierce you are correct! it is going to kick ass!
I'm going to start a geezer gang, and terrorize all those punk ass whipper snappers.
I have giant gypsy hair. Old ladies like to touch it and complement me on it and then I'm weirded out. And my hair smells like Ben Gay. 
I've only had one serious beard-grab incident; while talking to a friend at a bar once, a drunk blindsided me, grabbed my beard in his fist and started to pull as he slurred "Is that real?" I sank my fingernails into his wrist and kept squeezing harder until he finally let go, then said "It sure is, but your balls WON'T BE if you do that again!"
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