I hate to sign on and complain first thing, but if any google plus people are out there (I tried for the last hour to reach 'feedback' and/or 'forums' but couldn't find either one), I have a suggestion:please stop trying to control me. First, if I want an unsafe password that is what I should be able to have. Now that you forced me to change my desired password (one that even my bank let me have) I'll never remember it in a million years (I forgot it already, actually). Second, does every button you push have to lead to another entirely different page? Example: I pushed 'feedback' and landed on a page with about sixteen directions. The problem was that your first direction (finding some button on one of the corners of the screen) wasn't possible. There was no such button.So I started hitting buttons relating to 'contact' and 'help' and so forth, all to no avail. Eventually I found myself out of google + and having to sign back in. Which meant having to have them email me a new password because I couldn't remember the one they forced me to have with numbers and letters...Seriously, am I going to be able to navigate this thing without a masters in computer programming? Oh, and my original question: I tried to upload a picture for the post I originally wanted to post (much happier than this one) and it simply refused to do it...no explanation. I see other pictures here. Is there a special format hidden within the zillions of pages of instructions the google designer/control freak has put together here? Does anybody know if there is a special knack to uploading pictures? I've lost the mood to post now anyway. I need a nap.
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