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Jeremy Cook (pdxjayhawk)
Geek | College Sports Fan | Political Junkie | Amateur Photographer
Geek | College Sports Fan | Political Junkie | Amateur Photographer

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Nailed it.
Code Refactoring
LOL! if you have done code refactoring or code review, you will understand.

#Geeks   #GeekHumor   #Development   #Programming   #Refactoring 
Animated Photo

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This is so very wrong. And yet...and YET...

Photo Printing

Can anyone recommend a good place to have larger prints done? I've tried Costco and Fedex Office, and while they are both decent options, I'm thinking there is something better out there. I'd really like something at or near professional quality (you wouldn't be embarrassed to sell it). Bonus points if you recommend something near Aloha. Online is also okay.

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Between the Clouds

Here's one I took on a recent early morning flight from Portland to Seattle. I switched seats before we took off so some other people could sit together. Switching put me on the other side of the plane, where this view was my reward.

ISO Speed vs. Image Sharpness

I've always assumed that you should use the lowest ISO speed (100 if possible) that your light allows for. Recently I've began to wonder if that's not always true. Can you get a sharper image using a higher ISO, even when a lower ISO is possible?

Are there any other times where a higher ISO is ideal (other than wanting noise for artistic purposes)?

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Hello, world.

This is a shot I took last weekend at Pacific City, OR. The girl in the foreground is my daughter Jordan, age 22 months. This was her first time at the beach.

I wish I could pin the sidebar and banner so they don't collapse. Outside of that I think I like the new layout. #Google+

Lots of changes. Some I really like, and others I'm less crazy about. This is going to take some time to get used to.


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Jerry should just leave this up there. Really spruces up the place. #rockchalk #ku #kubball   #jayhawks   #kansas   #kansasjayhawks  
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