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Wikipedia's list of incomplete lists ( appears to be complete and to not contain itself. Most unlike Wikipedia.

On the other hand, Wikipedia's list of numbers ( "*may* never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness".
Someone may be able to finish it off, you never know.


Google can read my email, see my searches, see my music, read some of my docs, look at my browsing patterns, see where I live/work, who I'm friends with, who I talk to, they know what phone I have, and where I go on holiday. And yet they know almost nothing about me?

I decided to move off Vodafone, and suddenly I have SIM ads following me everywhere. And all they know is that I'm a techy male?

I don't suppose they're lying, but I don't get how they can know so much and yet claim to know so little.

It seems appropriate that the world can't decide on the correct spelling of gues[s]timate:

I wish we didn't call it 'phone hacking'. The crime is a sick invasion of privacy, I wish we called it that instead.

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