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Threshold RPG
The best role play required game on the internet.
The best role play required game on the internet.


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Merry Christmas, from your family at ThresholdRPG!

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Among the many things discussed during the Player Housing quality of life discussion, the following items have been implemented:

o Although not specifically related to houses, you can now "open door" and "close door" and if no direction is provided, and up and down figure among the exits, type "u" and "d" instead of having to type the full direction names.
o As the owner of your home, your pet will now follow you into your home and master bedroom. Previously, the home owner would get a message indicating the failure of his pet to enter. This does not mean you can now summon your pets in your home, just that the owner's pets can now enter.
o A new item to buy from the decorate object list is a display case. This differs from a showcase in several respects. The display case is temporary (during a reboot) and items are destroyed upon placing them within, however, you can now during a reboot collect different items to show off in your home. It is temporary by design to balance the permanence of showcases, also, you can place almost anything within a display case. Maybe you found a really nifty piece of gear, but outgrew it because you found something better and don't want to use up your storage. Or perhaps you found a limited item and want others to be able to find it since you're not using it anymore, but still want to look at the amazing piece of gear you once had. Lots of uses for display cases can be reasoned and there are also three different sizes to suit your needs and your budget.

We are still mulling over the other points brought up during the discussion, however, these ones were completed and we thought we'd release them.

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Part of the fun of a text-based game are the endless ways in which we can mangle what we intend to type. Typos abound! Our help system got a bit of a makeover a couple years ago and now reports the most commonly typoed help searches. 

A common search for a major feature of ThresholdRPG is adventurer belts and we now have a dictionary of ~50 ways in which players have misspelled or searched for a close, but not quite exact match for the help file in question. 

Here are just some of them: adbenturers belts, adcenturer belts, advanturers belts, adventueer belts, adventuer belts, adventuerer belts, adventure's belt, adventure belt, adventure belts, adventurer's belt, adventurer's belts, adventurer belet, adventurer belets, adventurer belrs, adventurer belst, adventurer blet, adventurer blets, adventurerbelt, adventurerbelts, adventurere belts, adventurerer belts, adventurers belt, adventurers belts, adventurersbelt, adventures belt, adventures belts, adventuring belts, adventuruer belts, advenurer belts, adveturer belts, adbenturer belts, adbventurer belt, adenturer belts, adenturere belts, and adeventurer belts.

#mud   #typo  

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We've done some data mining and produced the following interesting charts based on information gathered throughout 2014. Click on the album to pick which you wish to see and view the comments on each to get more information about the chart.

Clearly, this information cannot be used within the game world itself and is presented here for entertainment purposes.
Threshold 2014 Metrics
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Come join us for some fun! 

Starting tonight and lasting through Labor Day, Double XP will be enabled! Hoping to see you online!


-Staff of ThresholdRPG

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A new area opened not too long ago which puts a new twist on an old, familiar area. Have you checked it out?

#cutewiddlebunnies #innocentbunnies #harmlessbunnies

If you could brew a new potion for real, what would its effects be?

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Participate in the Lord Wyvith Celebration, featuring the new 'holiday' command! Piñatas are up!

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Please remember to log on for RPT tonight. We've got some things for you guys:

1) New lore 
2) A new celebration where interactive player actions determine the outcome for the year
3) FUN


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Ever wonder where she went after the demons cooked her and ate her? I found her napping in my town!
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