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Food I Make, Places I Eat
Food I Make, Places I Eat

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Marjorie Approved Turkey Meatballs
Soooooo, never leaving anything alone, I have a new Turkey Meatball recipe There are three things to remember 1)  Fresh ground turkey, no frozen chubs.  I prefer turkey from The Turkey Store (Go Barron WI), but you can use other. 2)  You MUST cook by temper...

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Turkey (or chicken) Meatballs the don't suck - HMR Phase 2!
Turkey/Chicken meatballs can suck.  Dense, dry, DISGUSTING.  I don't care how low calorie a food is, if it tastes bad it doesn't get made. There are a couple key things to remember. 1)  You must use a Thermapen.  Poultry has to be cooked to 165 degrees.  Bu...

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WOW - Creamy (non dairy) Jalapeno Green Sauce (Vegan even)
A.K.A. the Green Stuff. This is awesome.  I mean really good.  And it takes a fairly typical salsa/sauce at Taco Trucks (the green stuff) and makes it far more nutritious with far fewer calories. The bottled green sauce you get at taco trucks and Taqueria's...

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HMR Pancakes - Phase 2 - The new, the improved, the awesome
Or so my wife says.  She also said write down the recipe now!  So here it is. Ingredients Bowl 1 - the dry 3 apples, peeled, cored, diced fine 2 Multi-grain HMR cereal 2 HMR 70 Shakes 1 tbs baking powder 1/2 cup quick cook/instant oatmeal (no sugar added!) ...

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HMR Apple Banana Bars
So.... This is only when you get to add fruit to your diet It is also a high calorie low volume thing, so it is not an every day type food.  Basically my wife and I have them for when our choices at work or family is things like pie, donuts, etc.  So it is ...

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HMR Five Bean Casserole - Becomes.... West African Peanut Stew - Maafe!
The HMR Five Bean Casserole is pretty good. And you can do a number of things with it - my favorite is making it into Peanut Stew. Peanut stew is, typically, root vegetables with chicken, and of course, peanuts and peanut butter..  Which is not exactly hmr ...

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Leek and Potato Soup - 100 calories a cup!
I like this soup in the fall when leeks are cheap.  As in 69 cents each.  When they are $2.69 each, I don't like them as much.  Plus, they are cheep when potatoes are cheap also - 50 cents a lb - so a big win on the budget front. To determine calories, you ...

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HMR Lasagna with Meat Sauce - Pump It Up!
The HMR Lasagna with Meat Sauce is fine.  I mean, it's not great, but its ok. However, it can be so much more.... There are a few things you can add in the no decision phase, for example.... Penzey's Frozen Pizza Seasoning - spices, garlic, it amps it up so...

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HMR Turkey Chili with Beans - Best HMR Entree?
HMR has about a dozen plus entrees that largely remain the same - they add some, they drop some, but generally there is little change.  Some are good, some ok, all of them are at least edible.  All of them are improved by adding things. Having said that, I ...

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Hacking the HMR Vegetarian Thai Curry
HMR Vegetarian Thai Curry with Brown Rice - Pumping up the Thai The HMR Veg Thai is ok.  A little spicy, but not too much. They use Gardein as the meat substitute, and it's actually good.  However, the meal is a little boring.  So, what to do..... Two quest...
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