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Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media sphere.  Google has been the one to watch for email.  Apple for phones. Dropbox for free cloud storage.

But I sense a shift coming.  

Microsoft seems to slowly, and belatedly, have found a new sensibility. The new, SkyDrive, and Office 365 are surprisingly nice for Microsoft products.  I even find myself not hating Windows 8.  Major praise for a long time Mac guy.

 Most intriguingly though, are two related items. The new approach to UI, and the new sense of humor they show in their web ads  The new UI is seen in Windows 8, SkyDrive, and They are showing more creativity and flexibility than I've seen from them in . . . . maybe ever.  

The other item are the new ads where Microsoft pokes fun at Internet Explore.  They make fun of the  shortcomings of the pre-IE 9 versions as advertise 10, and lay the ground work for 11.  A majorly improved product and a sense of humor able to poke fun at themselves. Again, so un-Microsoft like. . . .

Meanwhile Google is getting serious with Google+.  With this last version, they have tipped the scales for me from Facebook. (admittedly the bar was pretty low on that one - I'm not a FB fan). 

Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Copy are beginning to waste Dropbox in the amount of free space. is pleasant to use.

And Yahoo! scored huge when they recruited Melissa Mayer.  When I heard that I actually saw possibilities for Yahoo!  She has impressed since.  She thinks different. She sees different. Telecommuting. Changed.  Corporate culture. Changing.  New approach to acquisitions:  it appears to be happening.  Better UI: on its way. 

18 months from now Microsoft and Yahoo maybe in ascendency and Google may social media 2.0. 

Now if Apple can realize they need their own Melissa Mayer.

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