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Using Paint Primer:

Prime anything that has a raw surface. One of the reasons that many amateur paint jobs end up looking dull is that the painter fails to use a primer before applying the first coat of paint. Primer is actually one of the most important parts of the process. It keeps stains or imperfections from the deeper layers of the wall from showing through your paint, helps your paint to spread evenly to the wall without significant blisters and increases the time between paint jobs. It also helps the layer of paint appear much more bright and vibrant.

If you are painting with a lighter color over a darker color, one of the ways that you can make sure you hide the underlying color is by tinting the primer before applying it.

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Eagle Eye Painting is all about "Quality That Lasts" at affordable prices. We provide the best painting result for your home or your business.

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Keeping Track of Paint Colors 

Some paint colors are so close that it can be difficult to match your previously painted Alameda County area home or business with the paint at the store when you need to repair scratches or touch up the surface. If you keep track of the color in a notebook or on the paint can, there is still a danger that you will lose your note keeping device in the months that it can take before repainting is necessary.

How do I choose a tasteful paint color for my home or business exterior?
You can choose a great color for your home or business exterior by considering a few elements about the property and how your paint can contribute to them. For example, if your home contains a great deal of brick that are not painting, look closely to find some of the hues in the brick and consider some of those colors. You can also consider the type of property. For example, if it is a Victorian era house, you might choose some colors that were popular in that era to add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. If you want to express a calm and collected environment, choose warm colors. On the other hand, for a bright and busy environment a brighter color might be necessary.
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