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Help us build circles with Delphi Pages free from non-Delphi or non-programming content!

Create your own Delphi Page where you only post Delphi stuff, and from that page - follow the +Delphi User Group and/or +Firemonkey User Group to make your page visible to other Delphi programmers!

Note that for your page to be visible in the list of users following each page, Google+ need you to do two things:
1. Follow the page
2. Make public on your profile that you follow the page

Why? Well - Google explains it like this: http://www.google.com/support/plus/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1047299

"While the profiles you have in circles can always show on their profiles that you've added them (regardless of whether you choose to share this information as well), the same isn't true of pages. If a given page isn't in the circles selected to be displayed on your profile, that page won't be able to display your profile as among those who are following it. For instance, let's say I've added 'Bigfoot' to my 'Following' circle. Since I'm embarrassed about liking Bigfoot, I decide not to include my 'Following' circle among those displayed on my profile. 'Bigfoot' won’t appear on my profile as among those I have in my circles. Additionally, my profile won’t show up on the 'Bigfoot' page either."
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