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Rose Colored Glasses FTW!
Rose Colored Glasses FTW!

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Being able to debug a PowerShell script under Linux using Visual Studio Code, sometimes I lose sense of what kind of world I live in. (Ok .NET Core did that to me, too.)

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Wtf Google!?
Google Assistant has been stripped of some really nice features to promote Google Express?!?

I really liked the Google Assistant integration with Google Keep—you could add items to lists by voice, and there was full support for geofenced reminders and Android Wear. Keep integration also meant my husband and I could share lists and edit them live—so while one of us was at the store, the other could add a last-minute item without having to text, chat or call.

For various reasons—travel and injury and high levels of stress at work—for the past couple of months my husband and I haven't been using this feature. This week, I tried to use it again to prepare for post-op sustenance after my husband's upcoming operation—and discovered that Google appears to have lobotomized a great integrated feature, in favor of a (very) poor substitute in order to advertise Google Express.

Now, multiple lists, real-time sharing, geofenced reminders, labels and color codes—all gone, replaced with what amounts to a wishlist in Google Express. You can share a list, but it isn't real-time. Attaching voice notes and pictures is gone. Back-and-forth with Docs (for instance, to use a recipe ingredient list in a Doc as the skeleton of a shopping list), gone. Android Wear integration, gone.

C'mon guys—you were supposed to have learned from history, like mandatory G+ and Hangouts feature switchovers, that you put the lie to the entire concept of "change aversion" when you replace a well-liked service with one whose only advantages are on Google's side. This is annoying enough when those advantages are for platform-enabling reasons, but at least in those cases users can take solace in knowing they've been moved to a new system that will expand in functionality as it matures, eventually becoming better than the thing they lost.

But when you force a switch to a less full-featured service for reasons that transparently seem to be pure marketing, that's just very un-Googly user hostility.

And to think more selfishly, when you do this, you undermine everyone inside the company who argues—often with good reason—that a certain level of complaint and even vitriol needs to be assumed and discounted because of every user's natural "change aversion". That argument only holds water when you usually make changes that, on balance, are better for the user. By releasing feature-hobbled stuff like this just to get eyeballs on another Google service and forcing users onto it, you empower those who put up roadblocks to real innovation with their sole justification being "change is bad, the users won't like it".

This is really disappointing.

(Yes, I know that Google Keep itself isn't gone, and if I'm willing to give up Google Assistant integration, I still have all the same non-Assistant-related features. But that's still effectively removing all the Assistant-related features in favor of a marketing campaign.)

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#mindfuck via +Norman M.​

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Quite a few people would probably find such a T-shirt appropriate.

This shirt on one of my fellow archers today...

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Lucky is somewhat puzzled by the waves.


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I wouldn't mind one of these :)

#needfulthings via +Suzanne Catty

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Writing solid code is really hard, it seems.
NTFS bug allows any website to crash Windows 7, 8.1

Users of older versions of Windows aren’t having the best time of it lately. Last week it was discovered that over 98 percent of those affected by the WannaCry ransomware were running Windows 7, and a now a new bug has been found which can slow down and…

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New insights into the ancestors of all complex life - A team of scientists led by the University of Bristol has provided new insights into the origins of the Archaea, the group of simple cellular organisms that are the ancestors of all complex life.
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