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Lars Fosdal
Rose Colored Glasses FTW!
Rose Colored Glasses FTW!

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Off to see :)

I have a script that runs fine directly at the ISE prompt

.\MyScript.ps1 -targets C:\Directory1, C:\Directory2 -pattern *.tmp, *.log

If I run the script with
powershell -file .\MyScript.ps1 -targets C:\Directory1, C:\Directory2 -pattern *.tmp, *.log

It seems that the array parameters are not understood correctly, but concatenated to one argument.

What am I doing wrong?

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Cassini made it! On April 26, 2017, NASA’s Saturn-exploring spacecraft made its closest pass by the planet since its arrival in 2004, beginning the final phase of its mission with its first “Grand Finale” orbital pass that took it between the top of the…

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Interesting experiment for curious minds :)
How To Prove Einstein's Relativity For Less Than $100: Distances really do contract, clocks really do run slow, and you can prove it all in a single day's work. 

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Archeological forensics are making progress!

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Good prank :) 

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Via +Gideon Rosenblatt​
Love anime? Obsessed with street art? Can’t get enough nature photography? Now it’s even easier to get way into what you’re into with Topics.

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+Carolina Eyck using the Etherwave Pro by Moog Music and RC-50 Loop Station, PS-6 Harmonist and DD-7 Digital Delay by Boss, to cover "The Ecstacy of Gold" by Enni Morricone.

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