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Adam Koch
Android Developer Advocate @ Google
Android Developer Advocate @ Google

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Developer based in Melbourne? Check it out.

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Here’s an early look at the next version of Android for testing, development, and feedback. Get your apps ready for Android O:

Watch out for the SDK coming later today! 

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Really excited to see this launch and to see all the cool things developers will do with it!
Cloud Functions for #Firebase is now in beta! Run managed backend code for your mobile app that extends and connects @Firebase features:

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Announcing #AndroidStudio 2.3! It's the highest quality release to date, with a small set of new features including:
✓ Android studio can now generate WebP images from PNG assets in your project
✓ Updated ConstraintLayout library support and widget palette in the Layout Editor, including support for Chains and Ratios
✓ A new App Link Assistant which helps you build and have a consolidated view of your URIs in your app
✓ Updated run buttons for a more intuitive and reliable Instant Run experience
✓ Copy and paste text support for the Android Emulator

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Introducing ShapeShifter v0.1

For the past couple of months I've been working on a web app that simplifies the process of creating SVG-based path morphing animations.

Try it out and let me know if you have any trouble. If you don't have your own SVGs to use, click on that three-dotted icon in the top right corner and play around with one of the demos. :)

I'm especially interested in how I can make this tool more useful for UXers (who are usually the ones creating SVGs in the first place)... so please send me feedback! I'm also interested in supporting other export formats other than AnimatedVectorDrawable... send me feature requests!

Live version:

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In this first edition of Design Snippets, we explore how an email app called Notion successfully onboards users through user education, casual and friendly language, and sensitivity to user context.

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Visually refreshed the Android Asset Studio, and cleaned up the code to make it easier to contribute!

Use it now:
Source code:
Bugs and requests:

Animated Photo

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An Introduction to Icon Animation Techniques

Week #1: wrote 27 icon animations for Android
Week #2: learned how to animate SVGs using SMIL and CSS
Week #3: learned the basics of Adobe After Effects to create cooler and more advanced icon animation effects
Week #4,5,6: learned JavaScript and ported 19 icon animations from Android to SVG to use as inline blog post demos
Week #7: rewrote and polished a bunch of animations, planned out structure of blog post
Week #8: writing, editting, rewriting, deleting, rewriting again, editting, repeat...

Don't think I have ever worked this much on a single blog post before... but I wouldn't have it any other way. Let me know what you think, and don't forget to share! :D


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The video of my Droidcon NYC talk is now up. In it I go through a number of examples of how and why to build meaningful motion into your apps.

Unfortunately the slides in the video are static so i'd recommend checking out the slide deck here: (which also has notes in the ℹ️ field).

#AndroidDev #AndroidDesign

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