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Elize Morgan
Writer - games, digital and TV
Writer - games, digital and TV

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Welp. Hair it is.

Skull crushing pain is fun. Right? #Dearcoldweredone #justnotthatintoyou

We'll be at FanExpo all weekend with +Pretty in Geek Series ! Come and say hello!

Going to be at FanExpo in a few weeks! Looking forward, seriously. #GetYourNerdOn

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This is amazing!
What a wonderful office to work in!
Steampunk themed Office Space for Three Rings

We're going to be at Polaris 25 tomorrow! Come and say hello!

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Hollowpoint is out the door! Someone run it down before it hurts someone!

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If you're looking to +1 things? There's a fantastic site about a web series you may have heard about - Pretty In Geek? No. Well, get your +1 on.

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We're going to here with Pretty in Geek! Brilliance!
I'm super excited to be here, but don't expect much from me for the next week and half, I've got Polaris on the brain!
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